'Bull' Poll: Should Bull's New Love Interest Stick Around?
'Bull' Poll: Should Bull's New Love Interest Stick Around?
Sundi Rose
Sundi Rose
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second season has seen the TAC team win many a legal battle, but episode 6 saw the introduction of a new love interest. Well, technically Allison is an old love, dredged up from Bull's past to humanize him and make him seem a little less insufferable. In "The Exception to the Rule," Bull and Co. take on a furniture factory that is making local residents sick. He is the hero to the sick folks in the little upstate town, but more importantly, he saves the sick damsel in distress.

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However, the question remains: Do we really want Bull and Alison together? And adjacent to that: Do we really want Bull to have a special lady in his life?

The knee-jerk answer to these questions is probably yes. After all, we have a natural inclination to want our favorite characters to couple up. However, is Alison the right woman for the job? Not to be macabre, but Allison doesn't seem to have a lot of time left to devote to a relationship, much less to a man who is (inevitably) needy like Bull.

Sure, they had a lot of fun getting high and dancing to '90s hip-hop, but could these two really make it work in the long term? Is Bull going to drive upstate to see her and sit by her deathbed while someone else runs his business? It's unlikely.

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What if we took Alison completely out of the picture, and designed a more suitable love interest for our beloved Dr. Bull? Could we get on board?

Although we've seen Bull in a handful of romantic entanglements over the course of seasons 1 and 2, we've never really seen him get serious about any of these ladies. Do you think he's capable?

What would a Bull series look like with a devoted, adoring Bull, doting on the woman in his life? Could we take him seriously? What if he became distracted and started losing cases? This could solve two of our Bull-related problems in one fell swoop.

What do you think about Bull's romantic status? Should he pursue something with Alison or someone new entirely? Do we just want him to stay single and not change at all? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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