8/28/2007 BuddyTV SpoilerFix TVj session by Isabelle
8/28/2007 BuddyTV SpoilerFix TVj session by Isabelle

Below is the transcript from SpoilerFix.com webmaster Isabelle's spoiler chat TVj session on Tuesday, August 28.  Her next spoiler TVj session will be held next Tuesday, September 4 at 7pm ET (4pm PT). To join, simply come to www.buddytv.com on Sept. 4 and click on "Join" when the session is live.

Welcome everyone to the 35th BuddyTV SpoilerFix Spoiler Chat Session.

During the next hour, I will answer your questions about your favorite TV series and give you spoilers on upcoming episodes!

I know some of you don’t want to be spoiled for all series we may mention tonight, so I’ll try to make it clear at the beginning of my answers which show I’m talking about so you can look away if needed. I’ll also put “extra juicy” warnings when I’m about to give extra dish that *may* be too much to handle.So let’s get this started and send in your questions! SEND YOUR QUESTIONS ONLY ONCE.

VickiM said: Anything new on CSI?

CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION: Episode 8.04, titled "The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp" will have the team try to solve the murder of a Native American man who was found buried in the concrete of a freshly-destroyed hotel. The team discovers the man was killed about 60 years ago.

maria1983 said: Anything new on Wildfire or when the start date is?

WILDFIRE: I don't have spoilers but the series is set to return in early January.

PeterAKer said: Any News on SHARK?

SHARK: I can offer you a sneak peek at spoilers we will soon post on the site: # Episode 2.05 - Student Body: A science building at a university blows up, killing a student and injuring her roommate. The FBI brings in a young man who wrote a note to his chemistry professor about blowing things up, but he claims his innocence. After he is released, Danny takes him back to his dorm, where the other students all stare and point. They open his room to find it has been trashed, with Freak painted on the wall. Stark and his team speak with a chemistry teaching assistant and his girlfriend about them sneaking into the science building for some private time together and find out her ex-boyfriend has been harassing her. He turns out to be the son of the owner of the construction site where the detonators were stolen. Source: SpoilerFix.com

lovabletvfreak said: anything on mer/der? or grey's anatomy in general

GREY'S ANATOMY: No couple spoilers. But I do have episodic spoilers.

GREY’S ANATOMY: The fifth episode of the season will be a Halloween one. In the episode, some of the ladies working at the hospital formed a sort of club of women who have been hit on by a certain male doctor (Mark?). Erin, the daughter of a man waiting for a heart transplant, gets angry when his father’s state worsens due to the fact the hospital is short staff and that those who are working seems to be more into Halloween than patients. Later, Erin becomes a patient when a Halloween prank goes wrong. A man wants one of his ears to be removed saying that he can’t sleep because of it. When the doctors don’t want to perform this wacky surgery, the man takes matters in his own hands… Ryan, a deaf kid who has a lot of tricks and some lies in his bag, wants to have hearing aids implanted inside his ears and hopes that the doctors will do it pro bono. The doctors also tend to a patient who cut one of his fingers when using a chainsaw to carve a pumpkin.

ForensicAddict06 said: cool I was wondering if you have any information on LAw and ORder Criminal Intent or Law and Order Special Victim's Unit?

LAW & ORDER: An upcoming episode will introduce Josh Lethem, who is a police chief; Bosnian police officer Nik Rodchenko; lead detective Chief Laird; and working class Latino Ignacio.

supernatural754 said: Anything new for Supernatural?

SUPERNATURAL: Nothing new. Sorry

lovabletvfreak said: how i met your mother?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: We should have new spoilers soon. But not tonight :'(

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Izzie, I saw you added "Pushing Daisies" to the other shows and I just wanna know if other shows are planned to be added...

Since it seems we will get regular FNL spoilers this season, I'm thinking of adding spoilers to the "other shows" page. As for other shows, the staff is discussing on possibilities of shows to add there, some being new series.

PeterAKer said: Have you found out any more Information on David Anders Power and Character of Kane/Takezo Kensei on HEROES?

HEROES: Nope. But I have a poll for your guys! POLL TIME!

lovabletvfreak said: Private Practice??

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Sorry, work got in the way in the past weeks and I have spoilers piling up including some for PP. I hope to get to those in the coming week.

BrieSkate said: Have you heard anything new on Ghost Whisperer?

GHOST WISPERER: All I know is posted on the site.

maria1983 said: Anything new with OTH?

ONE TREE HILL: Here is a bit more info about the character of Jason, the lead singer of a band named “No Means Yes” introduced in episode 5.03. The band performs at Tric. After the show, Jason drops by Peyton’s office and she offers to sign the group on her label. It won’t be easy to convince Jason, especially since Peyton has not one else signed on her label. Lindsey worries about her relationship with Lucas since Peyton and Brooke are back in town. Dan is still in jail. Nathan will be on crutches in this episode.

metromedia said: Any House spoilers? Especially about Wilson.

HOUSE: No spoilers so far. It seems we may not get spoilers for part of the season :'(

LondonGirl27 said: Anything new with Ugly Betty, especially Daniel Meade's character?

UGLY BETTY: Daniel will be wooing Elaine Winthrop, one of Mode Magazine's largest advertisers. She is said to be the chief executive of a Cartier-like jewelry company and is aged between 40 and 59 years old.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Something fresh from DH? Because I've seen the promotion and it's absolutely amazing! Maybe a little too short but amazing!

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: If you've read our 4.05 spoilers, you know that Bree, Orson and Danielle are at Phyllis' house. You also know that a paramedic comes looking for Phyllis because her medic alert button was pressed and that Bree says she went out for a walk. What you may not know, but suspected, is that Phyllis didn't go out for a walk. Actually, she is being held prisoner in her own home...

MsMzz said: Any news on ER?

ER: Nothing new. If you haven't heard, they are trying to get old cast members back this season. Noah Wyle will be back for 4 episodes and he'll be in the ER (no Africa episodes!) and Goran Visnjic will be back for 4 episodes as well.

heatherheater27 said: Any news for Kyle XY?

KYLE XY: In episode 2.18, "Between the rack and..." (sorry I don't have the complete title), Lori and Declan talk about friendship but the discussion turns sour. Still fuming over the conversation, Lori gets angry at a 19-year-old Mark when the entrance door at The Rank slams into her. He is rather confused as to why Lori is screaming at him because he didn't really cause the accident. Mark drives to the Tragers' home and arrives at the same time Lori does. She thinks he is a stalker or something and gets out her pepper spray bottle. Her mood changes when Stephen comes out and greets Mark... his T.A. (it seems that Stephen has a teaching job). It looks like Mark could be a recurring and become a love-interest for Lori. Kyle and Amanda work at The Rack. Amanda and Jessi are not seeing eye to eye and the latter even threatens to call Amanda's mother and tell her her daughter hangs with Kyle. Josh gets worried when money is missing from The Rack's cash register.

There is still time to vote in our HEROES poll!

aimee said: Greys scoop. I am very tired of the Mere Der back and forth. Last season was such a disappointment. Is this season going to be better. Are they going to be together?

GREY'S ANATOMY: Looks like it. But I'm sure they will still have a few bumps in their road.

MsMzz said: Have you received anything more on Aliens in America?

ALIENS IN AMERICA: In episode 1.03, "Metamorphosis," we meet Anita, a popular girl who goes to school with Justin. She asks him to ditch class. He wants to go to Math class but she plays with his emotions and he asks her to ditch school with him. She then asks him if he is insane and she, and her following, have a good laugh at Justin's expense! We discover that Anita loves to torture Justin and that he lets her do it because he has a crush on her (and it seems they may have been friends before entering High School). She tries her tricks on Raja but gets an unexpected reaction. Anita won't let the matter rest.

bl0ndekel said: What's going to happen when Kyle XY returns for the second part of the second season?

KYLE XY: More twists and turns!

cadrina said: hi! do you have anything on stargate atlantis?


ForensicAddict06 said: have you seen the New Bones promo yet Isabelle? on that note have anything on Bones?

BONES: I haven't seen the new promo yet. I can give you spoilers though. Booth plans to dress himself as Apollo for the Jeffersonian Halloween party. Brennan says that she'll wear the same costume she always wears. And Booth will once again have to face a clown.

Let's check our poll results!

Wow 75% think the best casting is Kristen Bell. I'm torn between her and David Anders. Can you imagine they added 12 new characters so far? All are either regulars or recurring.

veltraz said: Could Lipstick Jungle and/or Gossip Girl be possible additions to the "Other Shows" page?

I doubt "Lipstick Jungle" will be added to the "other shows" page because I'm not sure it'll stick around plus spoilers aren't pouring. However, "Gossip Girl" is a definite contender to be added.

servo said: Izzy - I just sent you some inside stuff about K'Ville.

K-Ville: Where did you send it? Email? It'll have to be released in next week's chat then.

veltraz said: Anything on Jericho?

JERICHO: They resumed production. So far no spoilers.

veltraz said: Ugly Betty?

UGLY BETTY: Also, some sources say that new character Giovanni (he was cast as “Gio, the sandwich boy”) will appear in all episodes but the premiere and that Henry is set to appear only in the first eight episodes.


1rstfrenchhulkus said: Any *juicy* spoiler concerning Smallville?

SMALLVILLE: Things have been quiet on the SV front this past week. Other than what is posted on our SV page there is nothing. But I have a poll for you later in chat.

pokemaster said: Any titles or spoilers for My name is earl?

MY NAME IS EARL: I will have new spoilers this week when I catch up with my to do list.

veltraz said: Men In Trees?

MEN IN TREES: An upcoming episode will feature Karen, a little person in her 50s who works as a therapist, and Steve, another little person.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Have you got something about Psych?

PSYCH: Jenny is working on spoilers for episodes "The Old & The Restless" and "Black and Tan A Crime of Fashion"

kansesylar said: anything new on Upcoming Reapers

REAPER: In episode 1.03, Sam and friends Ben, Socks, and Andi, track down Dash, a magician escaped from Hell and killing people using his magic.

pokemaster said: i can't see the poll :(

I don't have the same display than you do. if I recall, the "chat audience" setting, you have a tab called "survey" you need to click on.

veltraz said: Anything for Brothers & Sisters?

BROTHER & SISTER: Here is a sneak peek at the episode 2.05 spoilers we will soon post on the site. In “Domestic Issues,” Kevin helps Sarah finalize her divorce. Everything is going smoothly and amicably - until Joe stuns the Walkers by demanding permanent custody on weekdays and every other weekend. During a debate with other Republican candidates, one brings up Kitty as a reason why the Senator is suddenly flip-flopping on an issue. Without missing a beat, Robert responds to debate him, not his family.

bl0ndekel said: Give me some gossip on Gossip Girl

GOSSIP GIRL: A potential love interest for Dan will be introduced in episode 6. Vanessa is a 17-year-old artist/filmmaker who hates private school. She'll be recurring.

Let's check our poll.

73% would prefer Betty to stay with Henry. If my sources are right (and I hope they are not since I'm a Bhenry fan too), they won't last long.

pokemaster said: any spoilers for miss/guided?

MISS/GUIDED: I did get spoilers for one episode. I'll try to have them ready for next chat.

pokemaster said: any dates for when Kyle XY and Psych come back?

Both are still airing. The rest of XY's current season will be in 2008.

veltraz said: Anything on the Closer??

THE CLOSER: We posted all spoilers we have.

pokemaster said: any ideas why PAINKILLER JANE got cancelled?

PAINKILLER JANE: If I recall what I've read, lack of ratings.

servo said: Hmm...it looks like Amanda and Jessi both stay

KYLE XY: Both do stay, especially since they have signed to be regular this season = be in most of the episodes. But that doesn,t mean that Amanda won't go to NYC.

pokemaster said: any spoilers or titles for NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY?

NOTES: It seems the series as not started production again.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Any Boston Legal news???

BOSTON LEGAL: We are currently working on spoilers for episodes "Do Tell," "Hope and Gary," and "The Object Of My Affection."

bl0ndekel said: What can you tell me about the new season of Lincoln Heights on Family channel?

LINCOLN HEIGHTS: Nothing as I do not get spoilers for that series. Sorry.

supernatural754 said: Anything for Numb3rs?

NUMB3RS: A title! "Robin Hood."

bl0ndekel said: The season finale of Army Wives came way too sooN! What can you tell me about season two?

ARMY WIVES: They have not started production on season 2 yet, so I can't give you spoilers about it.

karlyannsztuk said: Anything on NCIS?

NCIS: All we have is posted. Sadly, we don't have more about the premiere.

bl0ndekel said: Any news on Monk?

MONK: The Christmas episode will be titled "Mr Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa."

richwu2692 said: any news or spoilers for OTH just got on

ONE TREE HILL: I gave what I had earlier in chat. You'll have to replay it when we end chat or wait for the transcript.

pokemaster said: Any ideas when the news will come if THE 4400 has been renewed for a fifth season??

THE 4400: It should be announced this Fall as they usually start shooting in January.

or at least start producing new episodes.

pokemaster said: Any WEEDS titles or spoilers?

WEEDS: All spoilers I was able to find about the current season have been released in chat already.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: I'm dying for some Nip/Tuck news...

NIP/TUCK: I do not know exactly for which episode these spoilers are but I suspect it's for episode 5.06. Damien Sands, a gigolo for classy women, wants a face lift. Sean and Christian gave a new nose to 30-year-old Gabriel Marks and the man is quite happy and thinks it'll help him get women. Two bimbos visit Christian to get a breast exam.

lovabletvfreak said: october road

OCTOBER ROAD: In episode 2.03, “The Infidelity Tour,” Owen is upset that people didn’t see something happen (sorry I don’t know the details but it seems to involve two people, one was upset). He walks around town with Nick and talk about it. This walk will trigger Nick to remember the first time he met Hannah. 9-year-old Hannah falls down from the swing and Nick offers help. The two of them stop at Ikey’s house and talk with his mother.

pokemaster said: Any episode titles or spoilers for 30 ROCK?

30 ROCK: If they started shooting, none of my source got the dish.

veltraz said: Prison Break?

PRISON BREAK: I hope you watched the first 17 minutes of the premiere. They are not that spoilerish but do set the tone for the upcoming season. If you need to know where you can watch the clip, check our 3.01 spoilers at http://www.spoilerfix.com/prison.php.

shsx3 said: anything on julie from desperate housewives and the possible susan pregnancy?

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Nothing new this week.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Have you got something new about CM?

CM? You mean CRIMINAL MINDS? If so, yes.

CRIMINAL MINDS: In episode 3.06, “Identity,” a young woman is taken hostage by two men, one known for being a serial abductor and murdered. The team locates a woman who had been abducted by the man but was able to escape.

servo said: Izzy - yes, to your email, this is not really spoiler but inside info from a childhood friend, Kevin Kelly: "K'Ville is a new program about Post Katrina New Orleans on the Fox Network...It's a cop program about New Orleans, 2 years after Katrina...You will see Houmas House [a plantation which Kevin bought and has restored] in it in several scenes. It is the home of the owner of the Casino. Several of [Kevin's] warehouses are in it also. The sound stage is my Beven Street warehouse. And they have been filming there since July, and will finish the first season in late December."

K-VILLE: Thanks! You can also read my review of the pilot at http://www.spoilerfix.com/reviews.php

shsx3 said: where can i see the desperate housewives promo?


1rstfrenchhulkus said: What about Saving Grace???

SAVING GRACE: In an upcoming episode (maybe 1.08?), we will meet charming and intelligent Jake St. Claire (Grace is rumored to fall for him), a 50-year-old African-American named Tobin who is said to be plus sized, mentally disabled Andrew Richards, and Detective Rex Miller. Grace investigates the death of a mentally challenged man.

kansesylar said: anything news on Pushing Daisies

PUSHING DAISIES: I don't recall if I posted this last week. But here is a sneak peek at spoilers we will soon post on our "other shows" page: Episode 1.03 - The Fun in Funeral: Ned and Chuck speak to a dead man named Donald Funk, who worked at the same funeral home as Lawrence Schatz, who they find out died 1 minute after Ned brought Chuck back to life. Donald and Lawrence were partners in stealing flowers from graves and jewelry from bodies of clients of the funeral home. Source: SpoilerFix.com

LondonGirl27 said: Going back to your previous Ugly Betty spoiler, do you know the actress who will be playing Elaine Winthrop? And by chance, do you have any other spoilers on the Meade family? So far, I've heard so little about them.

UGLY BETTY: No. They just started casting so the name hasn't been released yet. By the way, I stumbled on the official description of the season premiere...

UGLY BETTY: ABC just released the official description of the season premiere, “How Betty Got Her Grieve Back." Betty's life is in chaos after a series of very unfortunate events, but despite all that's happened, she's still in denial about one thing -- how much Henry's departure has affected her. Meanwhile, Amanda turns to junk food and to Marc in dealing with the revelation that Fey Sommers was her real mother, and Wilhelmina schemes to turn the tragic Meade family events to her advantage.

metromedia said: On Psych, John Amos appeared as Gus' uncle. I loved him. Any chance he'll have a recurring role?

PSYCH: No idea. Sorry.

lovabletvfreak said: have you seen the pilot for private practice.???????

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Since the pilot was that 2-hour episode of GREY'S ANATOMY, yes. ;) But no, I haven't seen the premiere of PP.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Do you know something about "Side Order of Life" ?

SIDE ORDER OF LIFE: The only thing I can give you are titles: "Aliens" and "Awakenings"

maria1983 said: Anything new for LOST, any word about the flash forwards

LOST: No word on flash fowards but multiple sources confirm that the first episode is indeed Sawyer-centric as revealed by the spoiler we posted a few days back

MsMzz said: Do you know when they will begin production on 30 Rock? Or have they already?

30 ROCK: My guess is that they already have but we just don't have spoilers. If it's anything like last year, I'll only be able to get spoilers for about 2 episodes out of the entire season.

heatherheater27 said: Do you know what what the status of Andy's character is on Kyle XY?

KYLE XY: Sadly no. The only spoilers I received for episodes that'll air in 2008 do not mention Andy.

aimee said: ARE we going to see Austin, Eddie's nephew again, on Desperate Housewives.


MsMzz said: Have you heard anything about Brotherhood?

BROTHERHOOD: In an upcoming episode of the series, we meet Declan's father, Brad. The retired cop drinks too much and is bitter and angry. The episode also features Walter Bretweiler, a 62-year-old friend of Rose. Both have a romantic history.

pokemaster said: any spoilers or titles for ZOEY 101?

ZOEY 101: Episode 4.11 will be titled "Rollercoaster". Episodes 4.12 and 4.13 will be titled "The Dance" (it's a two-parter).

aimee said: Are Carlos and Gabbi getting back together this season on Desperate Housewives?

DESPERATE HOUSWIVES: If they are not getting back together officially, they will get back on the side ;)

1rstfrenchhulkus said: What about Patricia Arquette's show Medium?

MEDIUM: An upcoming episode will feature Peter Scott, the CEO of a company, and his elegant wife, Bonnie. Both are in their 50s. We will also meet Abigail, their 20-year-old daughter, and her ex-husband Kent Henley.

pokemaster said: any titles or spoilers for Californication?

CALIFORNICATION: In episode 1.06, Becca and her band perform. Karen and Hank are in attendance and share a good moment together. Episode 1.07 will be titled "Girls, Interrupted," but I don't have spoilers for it.

pokemaster said: Anything on the new show MOONLIGHT?

MOONLIGHT: In the third episode, "Out of the Past," features Lee Jay Spalding, a heavily muscled male in his late 40s. Lee has been in prison for 20 years and has been studying vampires in order to face off Mick. Lee was thrown in jail for murdering his girlfriend and claims he is innocent. He is said to have a bitter grudge against Mick sets out to frame Mick for murder. Julia Stephens, a journalist working for a newspaper in the same building Buzzwire is, wrote a book about Spalding and believes he is innocent. She even starts to date the man, against Mick's warnings that the man is dangerous. The episode will also feature a flashback of a 4-year-old Beth going through a traumatic event.

pokemaster said: Anything on the WOMENS MURDER CLUB?

WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB: Episode 1.02 - Welcome to the Club: When a woman is stalked then killed Lindsay and Cindy investigate the stalker, who is extremely anti-police. When they tell him that the woman is dead, they have to physically show him her body before he will believe them. Under threat of arrest for assault on a police officer among other things, he cooperates and tells them that a woman was also following the victim. The investigation leads Lindsay to Dr Raine Van Aiken at the medical clinic.

supernatural754 said: Do you have anything for Bones?

BONES: I gave what I have earlier in chat.

pokemaster said: anything about the new show CHUCK?

CHUCK: it's on my to do list.

aimee said: Tell me that Lexi and Derrek, on GA, will not hook up, how cliche will that be?????

GREY'S ANATOMY: I thought the spoilers on the GA page at SpoilerFix made it clear that they will not hook up.

Lunaticbabe said: Any more chatter about a GG movie from Amy S-P?

GILMORE GIRLS: No more chatter and I doubt we'll have any for at least a year if not more.

kansesylar said: is there a new villain for prison break season 3

PRISON BREAK: Many new villains both inside and outside Sona.

maria1983 said: entourage

ENTOURAGE: All spoilers I could get on the current season have been given in chat in the Spring.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: I long for another CSI: NY spoiler... I miss the team so much!

CSI: NEW YORK: You won't have to wait much longer. To help you wait for their return, here are a few spoilers. Episode 4.06 will more than likely be a Halloween episode since it is titled "Boo." The team investigates the murder-suicide of a family. The episode will also feature an elderly Haitian priestress and a grave digger.

veltraz said: Found some spoilers for The Closer - 3x12: Brenda and the PHD are under the microscope while getting to the bottom of a case involving a high-profile divorce attorney who was found dead in his swimming pool. Brenda and Fritz are still learning to combine their lives and find trouble combining their finances when Brenda uncovers a secret that may make her think twice about moving forward.

THE CLOSER: Thanks. That episode airs next week and we already have spoilers on our "other shows" page.

wwe505 said: Do you know when the new season of C.S.I is coming back.

CSI: At the end of the month.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Here is the promotion of the upcoming season of DH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onDM6MoiRVk


CSI: That is end of Sept

pokemaster said: how many characters called CHUCK are there this year?

Too many!

aimee said: I did not find Private Practice very interesting, is it worth watching....

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Don't expect it to be like GREY'S ANATOMY since it is a different setting, different actors, different writers. I for one will watch it mostly because of Kate Walsh and Tim Daly.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Have you found a new source for some Battlestar Galactica spoilers?

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: No. Don't worry, when I find a new source I will give you the spoilers asap. You won't even have to ask

boomboombaby05 said: do you know if shane west is coming back on er

ER: There are no plans yet.

AAR13 said: Anything new on the Office? When does it start?

OFFICE: Sept 27

MsMzz said: Purely out of interest, which of the season's new programmes will you watch?

Pushing Daisies and Chuck for sure. The rest I'm still not sure. I need to draft out my watching schedule this week.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: I'm aware it's certainly a fantasy from me but, do you know if we could have the luck to see Harrison Ford on Brothers & Sisters this year?

BROTHERS & SISTERS: Unlikely since there is a sequel movie called "INDIANA JONES" in the works....

pokemaster said: 2x01: Seinfeld Vision & 2x03: The Collection (30 rock episodes)

30 ROCK: Thanks

Vingx3 said: what date does the new season of october road start?

OCTOBER ROAD: No start dates yet but it should be in January 2008.

servo said: Zoey 101 - is that a first for this chat room? :)

ZOEY 101: Yes and it was probably a last.

Okay, I'll stop giving airdates. You guys can find them at http://www.thefutoncritic.com/listings.aspx?view=series

nessapaige said: Do you have any idea what Speed's role will be in the new season of CSI: Miami? Has he been in witness protection or is he a ghost or a dream?

CSI: MIAMI: No idea who Speed will be brought back to life. However, I do have some spoilers for the series.

CSI: MIAMI: Episode 6.04, titled "Inside Out," Horatio agrees to drop a charge of misdemeanour against professional booster Oscar Monohan if the latter agrees to protect his (Horatio) son, now doing time in prison. A drug kingpin serving time offers two million dollars to the person who'll bust him out. Expect someone (or a few) to try this prison break.

maria1983 said: Anything on the sex and the city movie? Will big be in it?

SEX AND THE CITY: No news. Yes he will be in it.

Vingx3 said: do you think that one tree hill could be added to the other shows list?

ONE TREE HILL: it was on the "other shows" page before but since spoilers vanished, we removed it. If my sources keep at it, we may be able to put it back. But you still have the same amount of spoilers that I would have posted so far if it were on the site.

servo said: BSG? Eureka? I know don't personally watch either, but...

No spoilers for either.

servo said: Bionic Woman? Journeyman? Slacker Cats?

BIONIC WOMAN: Episode "Face Off" will feature Dr. Matthew Stevens and South American cop, Beto Ruiz. I'll have more about this episode soon.

Don't have spoilers for the other two.

Lunaticbabe said: Are you going to follow Big Shots on ABC?

BIG SHOTS: Jinnie may write spoilers for it but she is not sure yet.

I'm not sure I'll watch it.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Have you got something about "Dirty Sexy Money"? I heard they stopped production for a week but nothing more... Can you throw light on this for me???

DIRTY SEXY MONEY: Yes, production was halted (like it was on many shows before including GREY'S ANATOMY and UGLY BETTY). It seems it was to take a step back and assess where they are at and where they want to head.

servo said: izzy: maybe you could post your watching schedule...or would that be too personal?

I've been posting it on my blog in the past years, I'll surely post it again this year.

I'm surprised no one asked about 24 tonight! lol Here we go with some spoilers!

24: In case you haven't heard, the upcoming season will feature recurring character Samantha. She is a trader who was the First Son's (Roger) girlfriend. Roger is now dead and it is believed he committed suicide. The First Husband, Henry Taylor, believes he was murdered and thinks Samantha has information about it.

Time for some random spoilers!

COLD CASE: It's not much but I can tell you an upcoming episode will feature Aces, an elderly African-American man, and various male singers in their 20s.

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT: In "Amends," the team investigates a shooting. Pete Copa, a cop, was working on an undercover stakeout involving gangs when violence erupted leading to said shooting. Copa's version of the events is put in doubt.

LIFE: In episode "Tear Asunder," an interrogation takes place in a hotel shuttle bus.

LIFE IS WILD: An episode early in the season will be titled "Open for Business." The Blue Antelope game reserve in South Africa is open for business and we meet the first guests: a New York City professional couple and their teenage son Malcolm. We learn that there are two sides to Malcolm: the polite and behaving side he shows when with his parents, and the rough side he shows when sneaking out and getting drunk.

THE UNIT: In episode 3.04, Jonas makes his daughter undergo a boot camp type training to prepare her for the career she chose.

VIVA LAUGHLIN: In episode 1.02 (if you count the pilot as 1.01), Ripley discovers that Nicky Fontana hired a new overnight security guard to secretly sabotage the opening of Casino Viva. Marino, the casino's chef, is upset when his lobsters are all dead. Jack sells his corvette to two thugs. Buddy's funeral is set to happen in this episode. We also meet Marily, the receptionist at the Laughlin Crisis Center where Natalie works.

LAS VEGAS: One of the women will get a marriage proposal in episode 5.09.

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