8/14/2007 BuddyTV SpoilerFix TVj session by Isabelle
8/14/2007 BuddyTV SpoilerFix TVj session by Isabelle
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Below is the transcript from SpoilerFix.com webmaster Isabelle's spoiler chat TVj session on Tuesday, August 14.  Her next spoiler TVj session will be held next Tuesday, August 28 at 7pm ET (4pm PT). To join, simply come to www.buddytv.com on August 28 and click on "Join" when the session is live.

Welcome everyone to the 34th BuddyTV SpoilerFix Spoiler Chat Session.  During the next hour, I will answer your questions about your favorite TV series and give you spoilers on upcoming episodes!  I know some of you don’t want to be spoiled for all series we may mention tonight, so I’ll try to make it clear at the beginning of my answers which show I’m talking about so you can look away if needed. I’ll also put “extra juicy” warnings when I’m about to give extra dish that *may* be too much to handle.

So let’s get this started and send in your questions!

keyree said: Hi Isabelle. What news do you have on Bones? I'm in withdrawal

BONES: It seems that Brennan and Booth will sit on a therapist’s couch to talk about their issues.

supernatural754 said: I know I ask every time but is there anything new for Supernatural?

SUPERNATURAL: There’s a new interview posted that reveals a few spoilers about Season 3. I didn’t have the time to read it yet, but I will sometime this week and extract the spoilerish parts. You can read it at: http://eclipsemagazine.com/it_s_all_about_discovery_and_boys_eclipse_talks_ex

metromedia said: Do you have any House spoilers? About Wilson?

HOUSE: Nothing new this week. As you probably remember, SpoilerFix.com had to remove HOUSE from the "other shows" page because spoilers became scarce. Even if we did get some rather detailed spoilers last Spring, it seems we are back to spoilers being extremely rare :(

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Have you got more informations about the KaDee Strickland's role on PP?

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Nothing new right now. As it is done for GREY'S ANATOMY, all scripts for PP do NOT use the characters name. Therefore it's highly difficult to get info about each character.

AAR13 said: How about Lost?

LOST: If you’ve read our latest spoilers for episode 4.01, you’ll know that they are casting for the role of Arthur Stevens. The only bit of info I can add about that role is that the character will be between 40 and 60 years old. A funny thing is that some casting calls list the role as being “female”!

liam333 said: hey isabelle, been lookin forward to this chat all week, that probably makes me sound quite sad i know. well give me anything and everything you've got on one tree hill please?!You are not a loser because you look forward to our chats! lol Here we go with some OTH spoilers:

ONE TREE HILL: In episode 5.02, Brooke and Peyton help Haley interview nannies (so I guess Carrie will appear in this episode or the next one). One applicant is a very manly female and Brooke and Peyton make fun of her. When Haley is ready to give up, Brooke says that Peyton will take Nathan to physical therapy (as reported before, Nathan is in a wheelchair) and she'll take care of James for a few hours so Haley can do her things. Skills and Mouth are roommates. Lucas and Skills work on a soap box racer so James can take part in a race. Brooke has problems at her company. It seems that Lucas is dating someone named Lindsey.

seanaus said: what news do you have on Nip/Tuck ? Thanks

NIP/TUCK: Episode 5.05 will feature Chaz Daling (also the title of the episode), a gay party boy who tells his size-0 friend that she is too fat. The same episode will include an adults-only swingers club. One storyline has Rob, a charming drug dealer, who is all for trading drugs for sex. Someone will go (or is) in a rehab center.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: any news from B&S?

BROTHERS & SISTERS: Robert confronts his ex-wife, Courtney, on her plans to fish for a book deal. When that doesn't work, Kitty steps in and lays out the facts, namely, she'd found the nanny Courtney had once accused of sleeping with Robert. That accusation ruined an innocent girl's life so much she changed her name and moved to a different state. Eventually, Courtney and Kitty find common ground. Tommy tries to pick up the pieces and desperately hopes it's his wife on the phone.

LondonGirl27 said: Anything on Ugly Betty?

UGLY BETTY: If you recall, Vanessa Williams' ex-husband was cast as Wilhelmina's bodyguard. I don't have much more about the character other than his name: Dwayne.

AAR13 said: Anything new on Dave Anders role in Heroes?

HEROES: Same old same old :( Oh, that reminds me, I have a HEROES poll for you so... POLL TIME!

Msstarlight123 said: Does anyone have spoilers for Kyle xy?

KYLE XY: I haven’t been able to find new spoilers. I can tell you thought that episode 2.17 will be titled “Grounded.”

sorcha said: any spoilers on CSI:NY, I'm dying for some info!

CSI: NEW YORK: One of the guest stars in episode 4.05, "Down the Rabbit Hole," is Ricky O'Dell, a skinny and gaunt yet handsome man in his late 20s who is going through the early stages of MS.

System91 said: Any Lost spoilers?

LOST: They start shooting in a few days, so we should soon get more spoilers from the set. And, as usual, expect photos from the set to leak on the net!

Lunaticbabe said: Anything on Numb3rs?

NUMB3RS: Here is a sneak peek at the spoilers we will soon post on the site:
Episode 4.03 - Hollywood Homicide: When an amateur video tape showing a dead girl in a bathtub shows up at headquarters, it leads the FBI to an actor's house then a madam's "dating service" house, where they uncover illegal DVD sales as well as blackmail and a past murder.

MsMzz said: Any new info on ER?

ER: I’ll have more about this episode soon but I can tell you that episode 14.05, “Under The Influence,” will feature identical twins Lena and Sophia. Both are said to be beautiful and sophisticated. They must be in their 20s.

andurilnarsil said: Anything new for NCIS?

NCIS: *extra juicy* In episode 5.03, the connection between Gibbs and one of the suspects is that the latter is dating one of Gibb's ex-wives!

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Have you heard (of course you've heard!) that this will be Joe Mantegna who'll replace Jason Gideon at the head of the team? Do you know when he'll show his face in Criminal Minds?

CRIMINAL MINDS: Mantegna should "show his face" around episodes 5 or 6. And did you hear that Mandy Patinkin will be back for 1 scene in an October episode? He's said to be alone in the scene since none of the CM actors wanted to share a scene with him!

KirstyBob said: hey, anything on Eureka?

EUREKA: As I explained last week if I recall, we gave all the rare EUREKA spoilers we stumbled on. Since the series seems to be done shooting this season, we won't have new spoilers unless some magically fall on our laps. :(

POLL RESULTS: Most of our poll voters are happy to see new Heroes added to the show. I myself am happy, especially since it means diversity but also because David Anders is part of the cast :D

liam333 said: soooo, anythin on greys anatomy? specifically izzie or/and where things are headed for all the endangered couples? GREY'S ANATOMY: No new spoilers have emerged about the couples in the past week.

metromedia said: Do you any spoilers for Criminal Minds?

CRIMINAL MINDS: Not this week :(

only1ash said: Desperate Housewives?

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: *juicy* Edie visits a gynecologist, Dr. Pederson, and is told that the bullet she has been dodging for years as hit her. POLL TIME!

System91 said: Anything on Grey's?

GREY'S ANATOMY: In episode 4.04, one of the cases of the week is that of Adam, a teen soccer player who seems to have wanted to quit playing for a while. The boy was injured during a game and his father says that he could have avoided the injury if he was a better player! The doctor tells them that in order for Adam to walk again, he'll have to undergo a risky procedure.

AAR13 said: Anything on The Office? I heard that Pam's actress was hurt over the break. What's going on with that?

THE OFFICE: No spoilers. Yes, the actress playing Pam hurt her back but she recovered soon enough to be back on the series.

genngee said: Will the Tayler's live apart all season on FNL?

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: I doubt it since the distance will put its toll on the couple.

Lunaticbabe said: I know Grey's Anatomy was updated on Spoilerfix two days ago, but any news on that? Particularly any general movements for the upcoming season.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Nothing new :(

well, other than the spoilers I just gave ;)

Jessica_J said: anything on friday night lights

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Episode 4 will introduce a new recurring character known as Santiago, a Mexican football player. This character is said to be a juvenile delinquent turned mechanic's assistant who will join the Panthers. He may be a potential love interest for one of the lead female characters. The episode will also feature 40-year-old housewife Mary Clarke.

genngee said: Any thing new for the Ghost Whisperer?

GHOST WHISPERER: Here is a sneak peek at spoilers we will soon post on the site:

Episode 3.04 - No Safe Place: Melinda tries to help an attorney named Shane, who says he is being haunted by his dead stalker. After investigating and talking to Colleen, the dead woman, she realizes that Shane is actually the stalker and stalked Colleen until she died. When Melinda confronts him, Shane decides to kill himself so he can stalk Melinda whenever he wants.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Do you know when promotion pictures of the new season of Supernatural will be released?

SUPERNATURAL: No idea. Since I don't watch SPN, I don't keep up with when pictures are released. You can contact Jinnie about that (check the staff's page at SpoilerFix.com for her contact info).

supernatural754 said: Do you know why Supernatural airs oct.4th instead of the week before with Smallville?

SUPERNATURAL: The only reason I could have seen is if they had decided to air last year's SMALLVILLE finale followed by this year's premiere but it doesn't seem to be the case.

MsMzz said: I'm only slightly obsessed, I promise, but did you get a chance to look at your Aliens in America stuff yet?

ALIENS IN AMERICA: The second episode (the pilot being #1) will be titled "Rocket Club." In this episode, Franny loses sense of boundaries and has Gary remove the doorknobs from the kids' rooms. We discover that Justin and two of his friends, Dooley and Craig, created the fake Rocket Club so they could have some free time each week to go to the movies, etc. Justin introduces Raja to the club but the latter isn't that thrilled about what the club actually does: nothing!

sorcha said: any info on what's happening with Tony on NCIS this season?

NCIS: No idea :'( We keep poking our sources for info about the characters' lives and their not giving us the goods. We are still trying to get spoilers for the premiere too.

oxyj3nn said: i'm convinced that 'damages' is the best summer tv, do you have anything about it?

DAMAGES: Not this week. It seems spoilers will be rare for this series. I had some last week, none this week...

System91 said: Has anybody been cast in the roles of Charlotte and Russell on Lost? I'm still bummed after hearing Kristen Bell won't be getting Lost anytime soon...

LOST: If they cast people in those roles, they didn't announce them yet. I'm as sad as you are that Kristen Bell passed on the role :'(

POLL RESULTS: Most people think that Edie will be pregnant. Personally, I think that it's that too but I want to be wrong since Susan and Danielle will be pregnant this season. Two is more than enough!

Lunaticbabe said: Cold case spoilers?

COLD CASE: An upcoming episode will have the team reopen the case of a man who was convicted of child murder and who ended up in committing suicide. His accomplice is now serving a life sentence but the team thinks that he may have been wrongly sent there by an overzealous detective.

KirstyBob said: Do you know if it is definite that Nathan (One Tree Hill) will be in a wheelchair? I find this quite predictable - accident stopped him playing now all moody yada yada.. and so quite disappointing.

ONE TREE HILL: Yes, he WILL be in a wheelchair. It is unknown for how long.

seanaus said: Isabelle, anything on Dexter ?

DEXTER: I sadly don't have a source for spoilers for that show.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Anything juicy for Battlestar Galactica?

BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA: :'( I'm still working on finding a new spoiler source (been working on that for months!) and no luck.

MsMzz said: I've heard Jerry Seinfeld is brilliant in the season premiere of 30 Rock. Any news on the plot or future episodes?

30 ROCK: Spoilers for the show are quite rare. I started looking for some about mid-season last year and got some for about 3 episodes. I don't expect to get spoilers for more than 5 episodes this season. Rest assure that I'll give them in chat.

Lunaticbabe said: Any idea if Lou Philips Diamond will be recurring on Numb3rs? I know it's a long shot, but I really like him.NUMB3RS: There are no plans to bring him back right now. We never know though... maybe later this season he'll come back.

VickiM said: On the Closer, will we find out soon what exactly is wrong with Brenda?

THE CLOSER: I have no idea since I don't watch the series and we didn't get info of that nature in the spoilers we were given.

MoondustWolf said: I assume you've given all you know for Ugly Betty with the last question, but anything at all about the outcomes of all those cliffhangers?

UGLY BETTY: The only things we know about the cliffhangers is that Charlie will appear in 1 episode, Henry is back, and Justin's father (sorry I don't recall his name right now) will be back too for at least 1 episode.

liam333 said: so rumour has it that smallville will see a kara/lana showdown in one of the earlier episodes of the season. any word on whether this will be verbal or physical? because after all of lana's bumps and bangs, are we expected to believe she can come away from yet another fight with a superbeing and be unharmed after her gazillionth visit to the hospital?

SMALLVILLE: Indeed there will be a showdown. Sadly, we don't know about said showdown. Maybe Lana can survive if she channels the witch powers she had in a previous season? ;) Quite frankly, I want Kara to win the fight... But that's just me.

DarcyEW said: Any Smallville news?

SMALLVILLE: If you haven't heard, Lana is back and rumors say that it might be as early as episode 3. Though some speculation say that it may not be Lana.... in anycase, Kristin Kreuk was back on the set.

Jessica_J said: Any spoilers for Greek?

GREEK: Chat regular Darcy sent me the following spoilers for episode 1.07, "Multiple Choice." As mid-term week approaches, the pressure is building for Rusty as he is determined to maintain his grades while keeping up his social life at the fraternity. Cappie not only presents Rusty with an appealing offer of help but when he is partnered with Casey on a school project, Casey is tempted once again by her past.

metromedia said: Any Monk spoilers?

MONK: No spoilers but titles: Mr Monk Stays Up All Night, Mr Monk & The Birds & The Bees.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: By the way, I've got some spoilers of the ultimate episode of "The Nine", if you want...

THE NINE: You can share them. Sadly, we may never see the episodes since ABC pulled the series (along with KNIGHTS OF PROSPERITY) once again from the air. It is unknown if they'll put them online.

rreadmymind said: spoilerfix hasn't updated supernatural spoilers since august 2nd, :'(

SUPERNATURAL: It's because no new spoilers were leaked. Remember that a new episode starts production about every 3 weeks. So it's normal to even have NO new spoilers for 3 weeks!

To Darcy: Thanks for the GOSSIP GIRL spoilers but I already have all of them and will release them in upcoming chats.

liam333 said: just saw a question mentioning promo pictures and i was wondering - when are they usually released and is there any word on what shows are/arent getting any? as i know smallville have already started letting theirs out one by one and heroes have released a few, was wondering if there was any word on greys anatomy, more heroes/smallville pics or a one tree hill promo shoot (a decent one this season, last seasons was ridiculous)?There isn't a set date to release new pictures. I know HEROES already released pics for the first two upcoming episodes along with a few cast pics. You just have to be on the lookout.

andurilnarsil said: Any news on the Zack/Iraq situation on Bones?

BONES: What new spoilers do you want on it? Everything has been said. He gets back from Iraq early. From what I've read, he seems okay when he comes back. We still don't know why his stay there was cut short and I doubt we'll know before the premiere.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: What about Boston Legal?

BOSTON LEGAL: We should have new spoilers on the site sometime this week.

DarcyEW said: Anything on Pushing Daisies or Jason Dohring's new show Moonlight?

MOONLIGHT: More spoilers for "There's No Such Thing As Vampires." The episode will introduce Steve Balfour and Maureen Williams. Both will be recurring characters. Steve is Beth's cameraman at Buzzwire. As for Maureen, she is a news editor at Buzzwire. If you recall, I told you that the episode would focus on Christian, a psychology professor teaching about vampires and who controls a small cult. Some of his cult members will react differently to him. He'll be protected by student Daniel, who is also Christian's teaching assistant. He highly believes in the blood cult and he is not as nice as he appears to be. Another student will be Chloe. She has rebelled from the cult and accuses Christian of a death. The episode will also feature Martha, Christian's wife. She knows that her husband thinks he is a vampire but makes fun of it. She knows she should divorce him but stays just to see him fall. We will see flashback's of Beth's life including one where we see her mother ask for Mick to get Beth back after she was kidnapped.

sorcha said: is there any talk of Lily's boyfriend, Joseph, coming back? Or is that really done?What show are you talking about? Please resubmit your question with the title of the show.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: I know it's hard to find some spoilers about new shows but have you got anything about Pushing Daisies? I heard the third episode is called "The Fun in Funeral" but nothing else really interesting...

PUSHING DAISIES: I'm planning to add the show to the "other shows" page in the coming days. Here is a sneak peek at the spoilers for the second episode (counting the pilot as 1.01):

PUSHING DAISIES: Episode 1.02 - Dummy: Ned revives Bernard Slaybaugh, an auto safety specialist who was murdered. He doesn't know who killed him but wants Ned and Chuck to tell a woman, Jeanine, that he loved her. Jeanine is a model working for a car company. Not long after she makes some revelations about Bernard, she ends up in the hospital. Ned accidentally revives a woman who died while on a Ferris Wheel and learns that she had donated her body to science.

And yes, the third episode will be titled "The Fun in Funeral." But I'm not spoiling it tonight.

DarcyEW said: Do we know if the Haitian is returning to Heroes this season? I'd love to learn more about him...like his name

HEROES: Isn't part of the fun not knowing his name? Like we didn't know for a while what Claire's father's first name was. Or on ALIAS, it took years to know Sark's first name. And those who watch KYLE XY, think it's a coincidence that Ballantine and Sark share the same first name? The two of them are evil and share a not so evil name! lol

bmruddy said: I know you said last week that you got spoilers for ARMY WIVES but couldn't figure them out since you don't watch the show but....could you give them to us anyway to see if we could sort them out?

ARMY WIVES: I can give them to you to sort them out since I got parts of the script (like 20 pages out of order and not following one another). Since I can't even piece things together to make sense, I cannot share stuff with you. Sorry.

DarcyEW said: Grey's Anatomy: It was revealed that Callie will learn about Gizzie this season, but its unknown when...it could be as early as the premiere, or as late as November sweeps


veltraz said: Anything new for Men In Trees?

MEN IN TREES: Nope. They are still shooting that first episode that'll air before the 5 unaired episodes. I'm not sure I'll be able to get spoilers for all episodes this season :( I hope I get enough to keep the show on the "other shows" page. If not, you know I'll always spoil it here in chat.

supernatural754 said: Anything new for Psych?

PSYCH: We should have new spoilers in a week or so.

MsMzz said: Any news on CSI?

CSI: During our July 31st chat, I told you that an upcoming episode would feature a character named Zapata Childs. I can now give you a bit more about this episode. It may be the season premiere as more about Sara's kidnapping will be unveiled when the cops interrogate the security guard who was patrolling the parking garage where she was kidnapped. Sadly, the guard is not cooperative at all. Also in the episode is Dr. Timothy Kachler, a police psychiatrist, who is brought in to figure out the causes of a woman's psychosis.

DarcyEW said: Friday Night Lights: Lyla will find God this season and become born again, but don't think this means Lyla's stopped dating guys...looks like her and Riggins will be hooking up again soon.


seanaus said: The 22 épi of the upcoming season of Nip/Tuck will be all aired during the season 2007/2008 ? Thanks

NIP/TUCK: It seems I'm not the only one with a French keyboard! lol The answer to your question is yes. The premiere is tentatively schedule for October 23.

rreadmymind said: isabelle, out of all the cw new shows, which one do you think will do better? aliens in america, gossip girl or reaper?

I haven't seen the pilot of GOSSIP GIRL but I think it may do better then the two other shows. Both ALIENS and REAPER look promising though. I enjoyed them.

hanakanapuna said: Hey, how are you tonight? I so look forward to these chats, do you have anything for Shark this week?

SHARK: I can give you a sneak peek at spoilers we will soon post on the site:

SHARK: Episode 2.03 - Eye of the Beholder: When a wannabe actress named Lisa is murdered, Raina and Madeleine question the photographer who snapped her head shot. He leads them to an ex-boyfriend of Lisa's named Rick, who is a big weight lifter, tattooed, bad attitude kind of guy. Rick tells Isaac and Jessica that he saw Lisa with a rich, older guy about 2 weeks after they broke up and tells them he has an alibi for when Lisa was killed. Danny traces the serial number on Lisa's breast implant to Dr. Neil Fuller, her plastic surgeon. When Danny and Jessica visit the office, they learn from a nurse that many beautiful, but poor, young women, with no rich man to pay for them, get their surgery done from Dr. Fuller, and that Lisa had an argument with him shortly before her death.

eringolub said: do you by any chance know how many episodes one tree hill is getting this season? thanks!

ONE TREE HILL: The number of episodes still hasn't been confirmed.

Lunaticbabe said: Private Practice has new promo videos on http://abc.go.com/fallpreview/privatepractice/index but from what I've seen it is just setting up the show, but not really giving new info. Still they're getting ready....

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Thanks for the link.

veltraz said: Anything new for Jericho?

JERICHO: I don't know if we'll even get spoilers this year for this series. I'll keep my eyes opened as always and will release them asap when I have them.

sorcha said: is there any talk of Lily's boyfriend, Joseph, coming back on Cold Case?

COLD CASE: Thanks for resubmitting your question. Sadly, no spoilers I received for CC has information about Joseph.

qtpie said: Do you have any news about NCIS's first episode?

NCIS: Nope, and it's killing us at SF as much as it is killing you guys of not knowing.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: I heard about the rejection of Knights of Prosperity and The Nine... What a shame! For "The Nine", there will be a kiss awated between two characters from the hostage taking ; Lizzie discovers the sex of her baby ; Lucas asks Lizzie to witness for him on his trail ; Franny broke up with Jeremy after discovering that he's the father of Lizzie's baby and, the most important for the end : we discover who was the third person implied in the hostage taking, an unexpected person! if you want more, just ask me!

THE NINE: Why tease us and not give us the complete stuff :P Of course we want to know who the 3rd person is! lol

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Have you got a Torchwood spy who has given you some spoilers about the show?

TORCHWOOD: I don't get spoilers for shows that are not shot in the US or Vancouver.

liam333 said: Any Chuck scoop? Is there any potential for an actual relationship between Chuck and Sarah? And is it just me or does the actress who plays Sarah look a bit like Olivia Wilde?

CHUCK: I got my hands on some CHUCK spoilers and will try to sum them up for you guys next week! Sarah is played by Yvonne Strahovski. But yeah, she does look a bit like Olivia Wilde.

DarcyEW said: I thought they were adding a new lab tech to C.S.I. NY, but the only thing I've heard was that they just cast added one to C.S.I. Miami? Do you know if there was a mix up? Or are both shows getting new labe techs? Thanks

CSIs: Both shows are getting new techs last I heard.

AAR13 said: Do you have any idea how Michael will impact Lost this year? For example, do we know if he'll just be in future flashes, or back on the island?

LOST: We don't have information yet on how/when Michael will show up.

liam333 said: So after rewatching the Greys Anatomy S3 finale yesterday, I was reminded of Callie & George's decision to have a baby. Any word on whether they will still be going ahead with this idea? Or will the exposure of Gizzie delay the family planning?

GREY'S ANATOMY: Sadly, spoilers about couples are not pouring as usual. No info about the baby plan has been revealed yet.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Any "Dirty Sexy Money" *juicy* spoiler?

DIRTY SEXY MONEY: I'll see what I can do to give you DSM spoilers in the upcoming chats.

dutchgirl said: I have heard that Sam Page isn't returning to Shark why??

SHARK: I don't recall the why. But yes, as I revealed weeks ago in chat, Sam Page is not returning.

sadie said: Hi! Just got here... I NEED to know...any word on a Season 2 for TRAVELER??? I love that show! Intense, action, hot, HOT guys. Any chance? Thanks!

TRAVELER: No chance.

veltraz said: I really liked the pilot of Lipstick Jungle. Will spoilers be available for that series?

LIPSTICK JUNGLE: I have spoilers waiting to be summed up for chat but I was waiting to see if there was a need for spoilers. Now that someone requested, I'll put them on my to do list. I'll try to give them in the coming weeks.

1rstfrenchhulkus said: Have you got some news about october Road?

OCTOBER ROAD: A bit more info about the season premiere. The episode will introduce Brett, Owen's hot-headed 35-year-old brother. He is intimidating, imposing and smart. Also in the episode is Amikuay, a fashion model from NYC, who is the girlfriend of one of Nick's friend. She is watching over Nick's loft while he is away and, even if she is already seeing someone, she develops an interest in Eddie.

eringolub said: anything on gossip girl? do you think it will measure up to the OC?

GOSSIP GIRL: In episode 4, we meet Carter Baizen. He used gave up the "Gossip Girl" world and traded it for scruff and sandals. Carter introduced Nate and Chuck to the bar scene and smoking joints. Carter may seem a changed man but he is not the person he appears to be now. Also in the episode are art consultant Bex, who works for Lily and flirts with Rufus; French fashion photographer Henri, who works with Eleanor; some of Chuck's classmates, who get in a pub crawl; and a few poker players.

To answer your 2nd question, since I haven't seen the pilot, I cannot tell you if it'll measure up to the OC or not yet.

5 minutes till the end of chat. Time sure flies!

mattaus said: anything on prison break?

PRISON BREAK: Again this week, more spoilers about the premiere. One of the guest stars we will see in the first episode is nicknamed “World.” As Michael settles in his assigned cell for the night, he is attacked by World who accuses Michael of stealing his stash. World tells Michael to give it up but the latter keeps saying that he’s not the guy World is looking for. Lechero soon appears on the scene and reminds them about “extracurricular fights.” Sammy, who was following Lechero, searches the cell and finds World’s drugs. Michael claims the drugs were planted there. Lechero gives World his stash back. World leaves warning Michael that this is not settled.

DarcyEW said: Without a Trace?

WITHOUT A TRACE: An upcoming episode will feature 9-year-old Deng. The character is African-American and must speak with an African accent.

Lunaticbabe said: Just saw Sara Ramirez on ABC saying that Callie and Bailey will be having issues in season 4 due to CAllie's promotion.

GREY'S ANATOMY: It's to be expected that not everyone will mesh with Callie in that new role.

DarcyEW said: Rescue Me: Someone is set to die in the season finale...and its a guy who's been around since the very beginning


1rstfrenchhulkus said: lol The third person of the hostage taking in The Nine is Malcolm! Yes! It's unexpected! In the series finale, he tells his daughter why he has done that (in order to sort out of his family's debts). After this revelation, he decides to tell it all to the group but he fails and at the end, he decides to tell it to his wife but his daughter Felicia disagrees with that : it will ruin their marriage and their lifes! The show ends up with Malcolm walking to the police station, decided to mend his ways. The ultimate scene is Eva Rios, in the bank, saying that "we all survived" (certainly at the end of the first hostage taking day)...

THE NINE: Weird that they revealed who the 3rd person is in the 13th episode. We were told we wouldn't get closure. Thanks!

Time for some random spoilers as we finish in 2 minutes<

CALIFORNATION: In "If You See Her, Say Hello," episode 1.05, Bill asks Hank to speak about writing during a creative writing class attended by hot teen girls (including Mia) in uniforms. Hank does a radio interview during which he is asked about his writer's block. Becca takes guitar lessons with a 20-year-old man named Dave. He and Karen bond but it's Mia who caught his eyes the most.

REAPER: In episode 1.02 (counting the pilot as 1.01), Sam and friends Ben and Socks track down Arthur Ferrey to send him back to Hell. Arthur sucks on power lines to get electricity and can disappear into lights and power lines. Sam must capture him using a remote control car, but when a vehicle runs over the little car in the street, Sam must improvise.

SAVING GRACE: Episode 1.07 features Leon "Bigtime" Reynolds, a intimidating drug lord, and his grandmother who may not be as sweet as she appears. During the episode Leon is on death row. His wife Tamara visits him with their son and informs him that she'll be marrying another man so their teenage son has a male figure in his life. Elsewhere, a Starbucks manager is distraught when her son joins a street gang. Tamara and her teen son may become recurring characters.

'TIL DEATH: In "Four Neighbors and a Funeral, episode 2.03, one of the neighbors introduced is Mrs. Bauer, a little old lady in her 70s.

sadie said: What do you think will be the hottest show of the new season?My favorite out of those I watched is PUSHING DAISIES

LondonGirl27 said: I haven't seen enough Ugly Betty spoiler info for Daniel Meade. I've heard plenty of stuff for other characters, but not much for him yet. Do you have any info about what we can look forward to with his character this season?

UGLY BETTY: Indeed no one has given spoilers about Daniel. And, sadly, I have none.

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