6/12/2007 BuddyTV SpoilerFix TVj session by Isabelle
6/12/2007 BuddyTV SpoilerFix TVj session by Isabelle
Below is the transcript from SpoilerFix.com webmaster Isabelle's spoiler chat TVj session on Tuesday, June 12th. Due to the summer hiatus on many of the shows, the spoiler chat TVj sessions will be once a month instead of every week. Her next spoiler TVj session will be held next Tuesday, July 3rd at 7pm ET (4 pm PT). To join, simply come to www.buddytv.com on July 3rd and click on "Join" when the session is live.

Welcome everyone to the 29th BuddyTV SpoilerFix Spoiler Chat Session.

I think it’s a good thing that Mother Nature prevented us from having a chat last week as a lot of the spoilers I’ll give you tonight, I received yesterday and today.

During the next hour, I will answer your questions about your favorite TV series and give you spoilers on upcoming episodes!

I know some of you don’t want to be spoiled for all series we may mention tonight, so I’ll try to make it clear at the beginning of my answers which show I’m talking about so you can look away if needed. I’ll also put “extra juicy” warnings when I’m about to give extra dish that *may* be too much to handle.

Before I start answering questions, remember that spoilers are rare as most series are still in production hiatus. But I was able to track down some spoilers for a few series that will return in the Fall. (Warning, I do not have LOST, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, GREY’S ANATOMY, HEROES and ER spoilers tonight but I do have some for ONE TREE HILL ;) .) Fear not, I still have a good amount of spoilers to share! :D

So let’s get this started and send in your questions!

elaine07 said: I'm dying for some good Heroes scoop!

HEROES: Sadly, no new spoilers. If you've checked SpoilerFix.com's HEROES page, you are as spoiled as someone can be right now. I can tell you that they are still looking for an actress to play Monica as a new casting call went out today.

genngee said: Hiya! Having a relaxing summer I hope

Working all summer. But it'll not be that bad ;)

mattyd1988 said: hey izzy....it's been ages hope you have some good stuff for us

I have some good stuff for certain shows. But since most shows were on production hiatus in the past month, I don't have spoilers for all of them.

ChBry said: i hope you have something, anything on LOST

LOST: The show is currently on hiatus so no spoilers yet but they should start emerging soon. Even the two head honchos were busy talking about another series: THE SOPRANOS. Damon Lindelof talked about what he thought of the ending of that show. What did you guys think? POLL TIME!

mattyd1988 said: only one more season of battlestar!!! do you have any news

BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA: In Bless my BG source who was able to get me spoilers for 1 upcoming episode. "Razor," we join young Bill Adama in his fight against the cylons when he was just a Lieutenant. He can't believe a treaty is signed, ending the war at that time. We're also on Battlestar Pegasus when Lee Adama moves in as the new Commander, and he meets some of the old crew. He's trying to get everything running again. "Razor" is said to be a two-part arc that which will take place for episodes 4.01 and 4.02.

mattyd1988 said: do you have any recommendations from the new shows coming in the fall. i like the look of pushing daisies and the reaper

I have yet to watch the screeners or pilots of those so I can't tell yet. From synopsis going around, I'm looking forward to PUSHING DAISIES, REAPER and maybe GOSSIP GIRL.

ChBry said: Do you know who in the hell this mystery person is who has been alienated on the set of LOST?

LOST: I'm racking my brains on this one too. Kristin made it clear it wasn't Emilie.

mattyd1988 said: anything on hidden palms? i quite like it to fill the void of everything we've lost now that the summer season has started

HIDDEN PALMS: Sadly, in the past year I was able to get spoilers for 1 episode of that series and I gave those to you guys in January. I have nothing else. HP spoilers are... HIDDEN ;)

AAR13 said: Anything on The Office?

THE OFFICE: They haven't started production yet so no spoilers. Have you heard the rumor about a potential Dwight spin-off down the line?

POLL results: Most of you thought the SOPRANOS ending was good. I didn't watch it myself but from all the stuff I read on the net, it seems that if you are a really hard-core fan and was able to connect the people in that last scene to past seasons, you would have found the ending appropriate.

rezznie said: Have any spoilers on The Closer?

THE CLOSER: Not this week :( It almost looks like they are on a production break since I didn't see spoilers for the past month :S

genngee said: IS Henry coming back to Ugly Betty?

UGLY BETTY: Supposedly, yes. But nothing is set in stone. I sure hope he does. It would be cool to see him and Betty together. Plus, they cannot not have him back with such an ending. We need to know how/when he finds out about the baby.

genngee said: Is connie britton gonna be pregnant on FNL?

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: I've heard both yes and no.

AAR13 said: How serious are the talks with Heroes and Dave Anders? Wouldn't that be sweet?

HEROES: Well, talks are serious enough to have leaked the casting on the net via Ausiello and Kristin. I sure hope he gets the role. If you reread what the TVSquad spoilers about his character you'll see that he is the perfect candidate for the role of Kane.

mattyd1988 said: have you seen any of the fall pilots yet? if so when can we expect the reviews that you's usually do?

We usually get pilots in July and start posting our reviews late July and in August. We expect to do the same this year. We've been doing it for three summers now so we must continue.

boomboombaby05 said: any smallville?

SMALLVILLE: Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that the show will now feature Supergirl. Casting calls are beginning. They are looking for a Caucasian 19-year-old who must be blond, smart, beautiful and funny. POLL TIME

boomboombaby05 said: any bones?

BONES: I expect spoilers to start popping up this month. But I'll have a BONES-related questions for you guys near the end of the chat.

boomboombaby05 said: any prison break

PRISON BREAK: I’ll have more about the season 3 premiere in the coming weeks. What I can tell you tonight is that in “Orientacíon,” Lincoln goes to a bar in a high rise restaurant. He is set to meet someone there. He sits at the bar and orders water. A woman, known as Betty Crocker for now, sits besides him and starts talking to him. He doesn’t know her, but she does know him and Michael. As they talk, he clearly tells her it is the wrong time and he is waiting for someone. But she presses on and eventually says that it is the right time “Lincoln” and “We have a lot to discuss. Specifically your brother.” She then gives him an iPod. It is not clear what/who Betty is exactly but she seems to be an agent of some sort. Question is, for which side is she working for?

I'll give you time to read that long PB spoiler!

genngee said: Is Diane Farr staying on Numb3rs?

NUMB3RS: As far I as know yes. I'll ask Jenny and let you know next chat what her answer is.

elaine07 said: Are you getting spoilers for any of the new series this fall?

Yes, I've started pulling some stuff for new series. However, I'll wait a few more weeks so everyone (me and you) can get more acquainted with these series. I'll probably start giving some next chat.

AAR13 said: The 24 finale was cool. What did you think? Any spoilers?

24: Well, considering that they changed the ending to something less juicy than what was planned, I was a bit let down by the finale :( If they follow the same production plan as last year, we should start getting some rare spoilers in about a month.

genngee said: When is Vegas back in production?

LAS VEGAS: It's already back! They have around 6 episodes written and have started shooting. How about some spoilers while you wait?

Peterson (the bad guy who captured Sam) will end up dead. It seems he'll have jumped out of his jet and the landing didn't go as planned.

POLL results: Most people seem to like the idea of having Supergirl around. I think it'll be nifty to have another one with superpowers and that is not a freak of the week (though now Chloe can be put in the non-FoW category).

ChBry said: Any indications that the commotion caused by the LOST finale spoiler is going to have an effect on the availability of spoilers for the next season?

LOST: I'm pretty sure spoilers will be about the same next season. Some series do know the power of spoilers, especially when delivered properly to the fans (aka not give TOO much away but just enough to gather interest and watercooler talk). Only time will tell.

genngee said: is season 2 on Men in Trees going to be long or are they shooting less since they have the end of S1 still to show?

MEN IN TREES: It is supposed to be longer. It should have remaining episodes of S1 + the 22 episodes of S2. However, if the series does not do well when it returns, it may get an episode cut.

lovabletvfreak said: do you know if meredith and derek will get back together??

GREY'S ANATOMY: Rumors going around said that Derek would have something with that new intern... nothing set in stone yet as episodes for next season aren't written yet.

Lunaticbabe said: Obviously, Amy Sherman-Palladino is playing around with the idea of a follow up movie for Gilmore Girls. Any idea of when it might happen?

GILMORE GIRLS: Lauren Graham said that she didn't know about the movie but she wasn't closed to the idea. So if the story and time are right, we may see it happen.

ChBry said: So, how wack is Prison Break going to be next season? During which episode does Michael end up locked up in Guatanemo Bay?

PRISON BREAK: From the only few spoilers I got, it seemed action packed as always. As for your 2nd question, no idea.

Lunaticbabe said: Ehm...so does no spoilers about Grey's Anatomy mean you don't know if Tiffany Thiessen is still (God forbid she gets hired) in talks to be Derek's sister?

GREY'S ANATOMY: WTF? You are kidding me! That's the first I hear about this horrible idea to have her play Derek's sister. I sure hope that if they are really thinking about it, they reconsider. If they do cast her, GA will have suck to a new low for me.

AAR13 said: Anything new about scrubs?

SCRUBS: Other than "It's been renewed!!!" I have nothing to share yet.

rezznie said: any House news?

HOUSE: I expect spoilers for it to start to leak in a few weeks.

lovabletvfreak said: Private Practice???

PRIVATE PRACTICE: No news on Private Practice yet but did you see I added it to the "other shows" page on SF? Expect good coverage of the show when spoilers starts to pop.

mattyd1988 said: anything on the remaining episodes of studio 60?

STUDIO 60: Spoilers for S60 were are rare as OFFICE spoilers if you recall this past year. So I sadly have nothing new :( Cherish those last hours of S60 as they are the very last.

genngee said: I hear Rob Lowe will be a series regular on B&S next year? So the senator is sticking around?

BROTHERS AND SISTERS: Yep, Lowe will be a series regular next season :D I didn't watch all year except the finale. That episode is making me rethink my first impression of the show. I didn't like the pilot at all, to the point that I didn't watch the last 30 minutes of it. But who knows, maybe it'll be part of my viewing schedule next year!

lovabletvfreak said: Spoilers on How I Met Your Mother???

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Too soon. However, I have a HIMYM-related question for you at the end of the chat. And YAY, HIMYM and crazy Barney are BACK for another season! It was this close to being canceled :(

LolaLucky said: any news on the CSIs? are they in production yet

CSIs: Not yet.

veltraz said: Men In Trees??

MEN IN TREES: All spoilers we have are on our "other shows" page. The show hasn't started production for the new season yet.

LolaLucky said: is omar epps leaving house...


veltraz said: Anything for Jericho?

JERICHO: We hope we'll get spoilers as we did for the very final episodes of the first season. Btw, those who haven't watched JERICHO this season, the network will rerun it on Fridays over the summer.

nsum21710 said: What about the SATC movie? Any thoughts? Rumors?

SEX AND THE CITY: Still in the talking stage.

Lunaticbabe said: hey, could you do one of those polls to see if people here thinks Meredith should be with Derek or start fresh? If it's not too much trouble.

GREY'S ANATOMY: Since we have time tonight, let's do your POLL!

hanakanapuna said: I know this isn't a show you normally cover, but I thought I would ask anyway, Do you have any spoilers for Shark? Also is there any hope that it could be added to the other shows list this season?

SHARK: The show is currently casting new regular and recurring roles. The regular role is that of William Lyons, a 30-year-old assistant D.A. who must be aggressive and tough. He’ll more than likely replace Casey Woodland (played by Samuel Page), who is not returning. Recurring roles are Lloyd Cutler, smart and ruthless D.A., and Claire Stark, Sebastian’s ex-wife.

I doubt we'll add it to the "other shows" page as I don't think we'll be able to get regular spoilers for it. But what I can find, I'll give in chat.

only1ash said: Do you know anything about Traveler? I'm really into that show!

TRAVELER: Since we didn't know if it would stick or not, and none of the staff was sure if they would watch, I didn't ask/grab spoilers for it when it was time. If it is renewed, I'll try to get what I can.

LolaLucky said: anything on kyle xy?

KYLE XY: I watched the pilot this week and got hooked and ordered the S1 DVD set. I'll have a KYLE XY marathon on Friday so I can watch the S2 premiere which will rerun on ABC. I was not happy when I saw that my sources had no KYLE XY spoilers... but Darcy, a chat regular, came to my rescue... so here we go!

Darcy, one of our chat regulars, sent me the following spoilers: Episode 2.02, “Homecoming,” Claiming that his parents were killed in a car crash, Kyle is back at the Tragers’ to stay. But his homecoming isn't as happy as he thought it would be when he realizes all of the secrets he must keep from the family he loves. Torn between wanting to be home and not wanting to keep anything from the Tragers, Kyle wonders if he should have come back after all. Meanwhile, XX begins her journey outside of the walls of Zzyzx.

Darcy also sent us spoilers for “The List is Life,” episode 2.03. Kyle finds that returning to his old life is virtually impossible, as Tom Foss hounds him to work on his new skills and he is devastated to know he played a part in Lori and Declan's break-up. Meanwhile, now that Madacorp’s boss Ballantine knows of Kyle's existence, he has a new mission for Emily and XX to bring Kyle back at any cost.

nsum21710 said: Any Earl spoilers?

MY NAME IS EARL: None yet. I can't wait to see how long Earl stays in prison and what he'll do about the list since he doesn't have it anymore. Maybe he'll try to help inmates? Or Randy will come pick up Earl's stuff and Joy and Randy will try to take care of a few items on the list?

LolaLucky said: all my usa shows are returning, monk, dead zone, 4400, pyshc...any news on them.

THE 4400: Watch out for "The Marked"... is it an organization? is it an individual? is it good? or is it bad? For sure, Tom and Diana will want to learn more about it.

mattyd1988 said: anything for october road?

OCTOBER ROAD: The shows hasn't start production yet. Even though I don't watch it, I'll try to grab spoilers when they come available as it is a requested show on the site. I'll more than likely spoiler OR in chat only.

Q002872 said: One Tree Hill?

ONE TREE HILL: Chat regular Darcy sent me these spoilers about the OTH finale: Karen goes to visit Dan in jail after having a dream about Keith. As Rachel throws a graduation party, Haley and Nathan spend their first night away from their son, while Lucas and Peyton try and figure out their future.

POLL results. Most people think Meredith and Derek are meant to be. I'm with 29% of you and think "enough already!" The hook-up/break-up/hook-up/break-up, etc., is getting quite tiring. I don't mind them staying together but Shonda Rhimes MUST make up her mind.

Lunaticbabe said: I think it was www.grey-gossip.blogspot.com that spoke of Thiessen, but I have no idea of how reliable the rumour is. I'm REAL SORRY too if it helps any. Supposedly she's to be the psychiatrist sister...Kathleen....

GREY'S ANATOMY: Thanks for the info. I sure hope it was a late April Fools joke.

mohicanfan said: Izzy, I felt the same way about Brothers & Sisters...I hated the pilot and turned it off, but after several family members told me how hooked they were, I started watching around episode 5 and haven't missed an episode after that!

BROTHERS & SISTERS: I don't think I'll catch up since by giving you guys B&S spoilers I was pretty much kept in the loop. But I'm pretty sure I'll watch it from now on.

Lunaticbabe said: Is Peter MacNicol being phased out of Numb3rs (for those of us who don't live in the US/have seen season three)?

NUMB3RS: Not that I know of. He returned near the end of the season. I'll ask Jenny if she heard anything about him too.

Lunaticbabe said: Any news on Supernatural?

SUPERNATURAL: If you’ve read our spoilers for SPN, you know that the show will have two new regulars, both female demon hunters. A bit more info has come out about these roles. One is named Bela and is said to be a woman without a conscience. The second one is Ruby, a mysterious and quiet woman. For those who are keeping tabs, SPN will start shooting new episodes mid-July.

ajv311 said: Any spoilers for Rescue Me?

RESCUE ME: Not this week :(

DarcyEW said: Guess who made it for a few minutes...Yeah!

Welcome to chat Darcy. I already shared what you sent me with the nice people in chat.

bvates said: i'm really feel sad about the way Grey's Anatomy fired Isaiah Washington? How do you feel?Anything Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice?

GREY'S ANATOMY: I don't know how I feel. I can see both side of the story here. But I'm not sad to see him go as everytime he was on screen I couldn't help myself but replay in my head everything he did or said. Maybe ABC didn't follow the right procedure to fire him. Anyway.

LolaLucky said: anything about dexter or law and order: svu

I have stuff for both!

DEXTER: The Season 2 premiere, titled "It's Alive," will feature an imposing Cuban man who is part of a gang and a Haitian high priest who performs voodoo. It also seems that they are recasting Cody. Episodes 2.02 and 2.03 will be titled "Waiting to Exhale" and "An Inconvenient Lie."

LAW & ORDER: SVU: In "Avatar," the team investigates the kidnapping of Rachel McGinnley, a woman who plays an online video game called "AnotherYOUniverse." The investigation leads them to Dan, the missing woman's boyfriend who is said to suffer from "sexsomnia;" and Julian Cooper, an ex-con who reinvented himself.

zimmermj said: when will spoilers for next season start coming in? there has been a dry spell during hiatus...

There is always a dry spell during hiatus. Spoilers normally start pouring mid-July but some series are starting production sooner this year so we are already seeing spoilers appear.

Nionix said: Anything on the Stargate franchises? I can't stop loving them :)

STARGATE ATLANTIS: In case you haven’t heard, here is a rundown of the spoilers Sci Fi gave yesterday about the upcoming 4th season: FIREFLY’s Jewel Staite joins the cast as Doctor Jennifer Keller. She is said to get in a relationship with one of the men and become friends with Samantha Carter. Carter will arrive at Atlantis as full colonel. Her transition between SG-1 and Atlantis will be rocky at the start. McKay’s interest in Carter (SG-1 fans will remember that they have a past together) will be dealt with in the first episodes. The season will explore more of the Replicators and the Wraith.

LolaLucky said: is Dylan Bruno leaving numbers?

NUMB3RS: Not that I know of. I'll add his name to my list of "are they coming back?" that I'll email to Jenny after chat. Will have the answer next chat.

DarcyEW said: So what's going on with Big Love? Will we see more of the kids this season?

BIG LOVE: I sadly don't have BL spoilers anymore :( Gave all the LOVE I got during the past year.

ajv311 said: What was your take on the Sopranos finale?

SOPRANOS: As I've said earlier, I didn't watch it. Since the series airs on a network I don't get, I can't watch.

lovabletvfreak said: do you have anything about the new show gossip girls

GOSSIP GIRL: Not yet but I'm keeping my eyes opened for spoilers as it is a series I'm interested in.

jessa07 said: Do you know if Notes from the Underbelly is coming back this season?

NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY: It was renewed for 13 episodes that will air in Winter/Spring 2008.

DarcyEW said: OTH-expect some cast changes when the show comes back next year...(4 years in the future)1 or 2 series regulars will not be returning...


hanakanapuna said: got anything for NCIS?

NCIS: Not yet.

Time for some random spoilers before I poll you one last time.

ENTOURAGE: Episode 4.08 will be filmed both in L.A. and France. An upcoming episode (it's unclear if it is 4.08 or later) will feature a newscaster making a live report from LAX and a French hotel manager who doesn't like C-list actors like Drama. In this episode, it seems that Drama and Turtle will create a scenario about a Middle-Eastern man waiting for his flight.

To those who asked for RESCUE ME spoilers earlier, seemed my brain blacked out for a second, I do have tiny ones.

RESCUE ME: In episode 4.09, Tommy is looking at sub-par apartments and he confronts a tough Spanish man.

WEEDS: Episode 3.05 will feature the East Indian parents of Sanjay.

Episode 3.08 will feature Harold, a man who runs a legitimate pharmaceutical marijuana business. Nancy will become friends with Valerie, a professional working mother who is set to appear in 4 episodes. Michael Ausiello reported that Crossing Jordan's Brooke Smith would play Valerie.

NIP/TUCK: Episode 5.01 will be titled “Carly Summers,” while episode 5.02 is named “Joyce and Sharon Monroe.” These episodes will feature a dark and smart dominatrix, two Marilyn Monroe impersonators and a gay plastic surgery addict. Expect the Monroes to want surgery to look like their idol.

EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS: In an upcoming episode of the series, Chris meets a 12ish-year-old Russian boy. The episode also features Dr. King who is set to resemble Martin Luther King.

Nionix said: Anything on South Park? When does the next season start?

SOUTH PARK: Spoilers for animated series are just not available due to how episodes are produced. It's easier to get spoilers for scripted series since they involve a lot of cast and crew, casting, set visits, etc.

DarcyEW said: Veronica Mars Creator Rob Thomas has just signed on with ABC's new comedy MISS/GUIDED as an executive producer and is in talks to start a VM's comic book.

VERONICA MARS: Yep, one of the big news of the day that Kristin from E! posted.

bvates said: ROME is really over?It s only 2 seasons

ROME: Yep, that series was canceled.

As some of you know, the staff is currently choosing a show that is on the “other shows” page to become fully covered (aka have its own page). From what is currently on the “other shows” page, we removed a few shows and came down with a short list. We then pondered how many spoilers we would get from any source if each show had their own page (for example, we know that for UGLY BETTY we wouldn’t have exclusive spoilers for every episode and sometimes the only spoilers we would get would be the official descriptions). We are now torn between two series and I’m looking for a little guidance from you. What show between BONES and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER would you prefer see have its own spoilers page? POLL TIME!

ajv311 said: Anything on the Shield?

THE SHIELD: I posted the 7.01 spoilers over the weekend at http://www.spoilerfix.com/othershows.php. Other than those, nothing new.

Remember that we are keeping 1 fully-covered spot open for later so that we can maybe squeeze in a new show that’ll pick up as HEROES did this past year.

In other news, since a lot of series are starting production earlier, I'll change the chat schedule a bit as spoilers will become available sooner. I'll do 2 chats in July instead of 1. And in August, we will start our weekly chats again.

Know that the staff is looking to maybe start spoiling for PUSHING DAISIES, REAPER, WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB, and GOSSIP GIRL. We will make our final decision when we see the pilots. I will add a few to chats too.

jessa07 said: How about Ghost Whisperer?

GHOST WHISPERER: The show hasn't started production for the new season yet, so there is nothing new out there.

genngee said: You are the best!! Thanks for all the news

And thanks to you all for coming. I'll give you a minute or two more to vote on the poll. I will end the chat about a minute before the hour in order to make it to the couch in time for AMERICA'S GOT TALENT.

breider.28 said: is 1 vs. 100 coming back?

1 VS. 100: Yes it is. You'll have reruns all summer. According to THEFUTONCRITIC, NBC ordered 8 episodes for Season 2.

breider.28 said: is dancing with the stars going to be renewed?

DANCING WITH THE STARS: Yes, there will be another season of that show.

Let's check poll results.

Wow, tight race. 53% for BONES and 47% for HIMYM. See why even the staff was torn on this? We love both series and see a plus to fully cover both of them. Thanks for voting, we will definitely take it into consideration.

All good things must come to an end… Thank you for coming to the BuddyTv SpoilerFix session! Our next spoiler session will be held at 7 pm EST (4 pm PAC) on July 3 (aka in about three weeks).

Don’t forget to vote for me on the top right side of your screen. Hope you enjoyed this session and that you will be there on Tuesday, July 3, at 7 p.m. EST for another BuddyTv SpoilerFix!

You can read the latest spoilers about your favorite series at http://www.spoilerfix.com. If your question wasn’t answered in tonight’s session, feel free to email me at webmaster@spoilerfix.com.

Have fun!