Quickly and Easily Find Something to Watch On TV
Quickly and Easily Find Something to Watch On TV
Andy Liu
Andy Liu
CEO/Founder, BuddyTV
If you're in your mid 30's or older, you're really familiar with the old TV Guide magazine or newspaper listings that was on your coffee table.  In order to find what's on TV, you had to look up the time and the channel on your magazine or TV, then find your remote and then tune in.  What's interesting is that after decades of using the TV Guide, the majority of us are still using print listings or cable listings.  What gives?

If we're honest with ourselves, it's because we're lazy and it is hard to change even if there is a better way that will save us time, money, and higher quality programming.  We want TV to be a "relaxing" time where we don't have to think and just go into autopilot mode.  The problem is "autopilot" mode is a really, really, crappy experience that is costing us time, money, and ultimately poorer programming.    

1.  If you are paying for a subscription to a guide - print or otherwise, you are wasting your money.  Cancel it immediately and stop wasting your dollars paying for a guide.  You can get the information for free. 

2.  The current guide is based on a grid that has only channels and times.  It is a dumb guide, it doesn't know your interests, it doesn't do a good job showing you what genres are available, it is extremely slow, and most of the time you can't find content that is best for you.

3.  Using an old guide traditionally takes you about 8 minutes to settle on something to watch.  This equates to wasting nearly 3,000 minutes a year assuming that you use the guide once a day - most of us probably use the guide significantly more than that.  

Most people don't realize that using the old guide truly is a miserable experience when you compare it to the new and fresh way finding content.  Quickly and Easily find something to watch on TV by changing your behavior and get rid of the old TV Guide.  While there are a few options that you can download on your iPhone to help you, BuddyTV Guide is the highest rated option on the iPhone.

For those of you who are still skeptical, try any entertainment guide on the iPhone and see if that is better than your current TV Guide.  I'd argue below that you'll find BuddyTV Guide to be the friendliest way to find great content to watch faster than any other option at no cost.  

1.  First, by canceling any subscription you have to a guide, you'll save money right away as BuddyTV Guide is free.

2.  BuddyTV Guide indexes everything - cable, over-the-air broadcast, and internet sources.  Imagine if you had just broadcast channels.  You'll be able to see everything that is playing on just broadcast and save on your cable subscription.  

3.  BuddyTV Guide indexes free and paid content that is available on Internet sources such as iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu+.  If you have access to these channels, you'll be able to find content on those sources quickly along with the price.

4.  BuddyTV Guide is a smart guide, it learns what types of programming you are interested in and starts recommeding content you want to watch.  

5.  It also provides you with the ability to customize exactly to your preferences.  Imagine having a guide that only had your favorite channels and favorite shows.  No channels that you never watch, no shows that you hate.  Only shows and channels that fit your tastes.  No other guide can do that.  

BuddyTV Guide can help you find something to watch in less than 20 seconds and make sure that you are watching great content.  Even if you don't use BuddyTV Guide, be sure to stop using those old print/electronic guides that are dumb, time consuming, and expensive.  There's just no reason to pay for that and end up watching terrible TV.  Use your iPhone to find something great to watch and in no time, save a ton of time and money.  

Happy TV watching!