Men's Basketball Tournament Quick List: BuddyTV Guide App Makes Tournament Viewing Easy
Men's Basketball Tournament Quick List: BuddyTV Guide App Makes Tournament Viewing Easy
March Madness is finally here and at times it can be exactly that, madness. Keeping up with when the games air and which channels they are on can be difficult. Especially in the early stages of the tournament when there are still dozen's of teams vying for the championship. But fear no more the basketball lovers at BuddyTV have done it again and created a Men's Tournament Quick List to take the strain out of your tournament viewing. Gone are the days of missing the games you want to see or the games you didn't even know were playing.

Simply go to the bottom half of the home screen on the BuddyTV Guide App and click the Men's Basketball Tournament tab. 

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This gives you an easy to use list of ALL the upcoming game air times, channels, and stations. 

Quick List Photo (2).pngEach game can be expanded to show you all the game details. 

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You can also set reminders and add games to your watch list so that you won't forget to tune in when they are on. It's also possible to check in to the games that you watch so you can keep track of which games you've seen and which games you still need to watch. Of course this is useful when bragging to your friends about how many March Madness games you've seen so far. Just make sure you don't forget to check in so you have some proof to back up your claim. This Quick List is live now with all the remaining regular season games leading up to March Madness and will be available throughout the tournament and will be updated with upcoming rounds the next day after a game so you'll never have to miss one. All of this is just another bonus for using the BuddyTV Guide App. Don't have the BuddyTV Guide App? Well lucky for you it's entirely free and available for download on the App store here

This is just one of many amazing features for sports lovers using the BuddyTV App including a live sports Quick List and a Quick List for upcoming shows. We constantly roll out new features for our users and are on top of the games so you don't have to be. Spend your precious time doing something else like making some awesome game day grub, rallying your friends or enjoying a cold beer instead. Besides it's about time you got mad at the games instead of getting mad trying to find out when to watch them.