MLB Playoffs - BuddyTV Guide Has It Covered With New Quicklists Added
You know your favorite team is playing in the playoffs and you don't know what channel or what time they'll be on, and now, it's as simple as one tap...

If you've been using your BuddyTV Guide app recently (which, you totally should) you might have noticed some additions to the Home Screen. We added 2 new quicklists - NFL and MLB Playoffs! By choosing either quicklist it brings you to a chronologically ordered set of games. Now you'll always know when your favorite team is playing, on what channel, and who they are competing against.

"How do I use the MLB Playoffs Quicklist?" you might ask (especially with the Playoffs starting this weekend)? I'll tell you:

Open the app, find the quicklist on the homepage and you're off!

FYI: You can also set your Alerts - reminding you when the game is about to be on, so you never miss it again! In the games' main screen, select "Alerts are off" and the app will give you options related to when you want the reminder and give you the ability to add it to your mobile phone calendar.

We hope this feature helps you discover a love for sports, and if not, help your friends who love sports by telling them to download the app - for FREE :)

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Lindsay Hersh
Associate Marketing Coordinator