Early Holiday Present = Updated Version 2.7 BuddyTV Guide App
Early Holiday Present = Updated Version 2.7 BuddyTV Guide App
Hello TV Enthusiasts!  Hope you're all having a wonderful week.  

Thanksgiving just passed and now we're all settling into the Holidays - what a wonderful time of year.  Leaves are falling, Christmas music is playing, and your fireplace is ready to be lit.  It's the perfect time to get cozy on the couch with family and friends.  What better gift could we give than a better-than-ever BuddyTV Guide app?

We just launched the newest version of BuddyTV Guide (2.7) and it's the best it's ever been.  

Here is the 411:

BuddyTV, the leader in TV discovery, announced today that the newest version of their app, version 2.7, is available for the general public. The popular BuddyTV Guide app now features new search, grid, and quicklist functionality.

"This release makes it easy to replace the old cable TV guide," said Andy Liu, CEO and co-founder of BuddyTV. "Searching for your favorite programs, favoriting channels, filtering by genre, and summary views for quicklists makes finding great TV fast and easy."

The TV grid includes several unique features to help users find great TV content quickly. Favoriting channels allows users to see only the channels they want to see. The filter allows users to filter based on their mood and what genre they want to view. The date and time selector allows the users to quickly surf through all the content. With a simple flick of the finger, the user can see schedule data for several channels. Compared to the old remote and old guide, this grid significantly improves the speed of finding TV content.

The new quicklist functionality, found on the homepage, provides summary information including what's playing now and how many items are in the quicklist. Quicklists are an innovative way for users to discover content based on useful groupings of programs. Quicklists include the Watchlist, Most Popular, Live Sports, The Holiday Guide, among others.

Download your updated BuddyTV Guide app here!

Lindsay Hersh 
Associate Marketing Coordinator