Cooking + BuddyTV Guide App = Happiness
Cooking + BuddyTV Guide App = Happiness
Greetings from BuddyTV Headquarters! 

 As Fall keeps rolling in, the time for baking and cooking is upon us. Here at BuddyTV, we love different types of shows, but when the weather is changing, cooking is on our mind. We are always inspired by shows on The Food Network or Bravo's Top Chef, filled with yummy recipes. We love finding new and delicious things to make so we have something yummy to eat while using the BuddyTV Guide App and watching our favorite shows. BuddyTV is headquartered in Seattle, Washington - so we know a thing or two about great food. We have great restaurants, unmatchable food carts, and delicious SEAFOOD!  

We couldn't be more excited for Season 10 of Top Chef - it's located in Seattle this season!!! Don't forget to tune in November 7!

Here's a recipe to try while you wait for Top Chef to premiere: Eggs Benedict with BBQ Hollandaise....YUM! 

Let us know in the comments what types of food you like to cook/bake when you use the BuddyTV Guide App!

Lindsay Hersh 
Associate Marketing Coordinator

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