BuddyTV Guide App Gives NBA Fans Full, Personalized Playoff Schedule at Their Fingertips
BuddyTV Guide App Gives NBA Fans Full, Personalized Playoff Schedule at Their Fingertips
The playoffs are off to an exciting start, and now NBA fans have a way to stay on the ball everywhere they go with the BuddyTV Guide, the top-rated television guide app for iOS and Android, and its new dedicated "NBA Playoffs" listings feature. The new feature allows users to find listings for every game from now until the Championship, complete with their own local channel and airtime information, all in one convenient place and automatically updated as the playoffs play out.

The free BuddyTV Guide app, which specializes in curating customizable channel listings and recommendations across all types of programming, is the only app on the market to offer users such a personalized playoffs schedule at their fingertips.

"With the BuddyTV Guide, it's our mission to help TV and sports fans alike find what they want to watch easier and faster through a simple, personalized experience," said BuddyTV CEO Andy Liu. "This type of feature really shines with an event like the playoffs, with so many games airing across different channels at different times. The NBA Playoffs list means you don't have to stress about finding the right game on the right channel at the right time in the old cluttered channel guide, or even being home to see your schedule. It's all right there in one list, in your pocket."

The NBA Playoffs list is located on the first page of the BuddyTV Guide app, just a finger scroll to the right of three of the app's other curated lineup options: Most Popular, Watch List and Upcoming, which can all be honed to suit the user's TV tastes. Each list automatically updates with the user's personal cable information every time the user logs in. BuddyTV Guide users also have the ability to set alerts for new NBA games, enabling the app to send alerts to their phone informing them when a playoff game is about to start.

And for users with compatible devices, the BuddyTV Guide also works as a next-generation remote control, making it even easier to get to the game. Users with AT&T U-verse receivers, DirecTV DVRs, Sony Internet TV with Google TV, Logitech Revue, TiVo Series 3, TiVo Premier, any devices controlled by Google TV and Samsung Smart TVs can sync their BuddyTV Guide to their in-home hardware, and then simply tap once on the app to tune in for the tip-off.

The BuddyTV Guide app is available for free for iOS devices in the iTunes store, for Android and GoogleTV devices in the Google Play marketplace, and provides listings for cable and satellite TV providers in the US. These include Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner, Verizon, DirecTV, Dish and many more.