BuddyTV Guide App 2.7.1: Faster Than Ever with iPhone 5 Support
BuddyTV Guide App 2.7.1: Faster Than Ever with iPhone 5 Support
So you just got your iPhone 5 and are looking for some cool and useful Apps. But you're annoyed that Apps aren't keeping up with your incredible new phone. Well lucky for you the BuddyTV Guide App works even faster now on all iOS devices, including the iPhone 5. Version 2.7.1 has an updated user interface as well as the capability of hitting higher performance benchmarks with greater stability. 

What does all this mean for you? It means that now you'll be able to get to the TV you want to watch even faster. Waste even less time flipping through channel after channel. With the BuddyTV Guide app you have the ability to optimize your TV with relevant channels and shows based off your actual tastes. It gives you access to a personalized watch list and a grid of your favorite TV stations instead of dealing with another cluttered guide interface. Gain the capabilities of a TV guru who has the knowledge of what to watch and when to watch it. Using the BuddyTV Guide allows you to have an enjoyable TV viewing experience doing just that, watching TV instead of spending your time finding TV to watch. 

If you're like me, you value your time. It's frustrating when I can't find anything that is worth watching. I hate getting caught watching reruns of some alien hunting show on the History Channel when I could be watching a new episode of Archer.  BuddyTV Guide is perfect for avoiding these situations. It helps me keep tabs on (and never forget) about all my favorite shows that I love to watch by allowing me to set and control my reminders. On top of that it provides me with a ton of extra content from my favorites to keep me entertained in between episodes. 

So long story short the BuddyTV Guide App is a tool that has the capability of changing our fundamental understanding of how we watch TV. Much like the way the TV remote revolutionized our ability to flip through the channels without having to stand up and physically change the channel on the TV. But it's been almost 63 years since the first remote intended to control a TV was invented. Isn't it about time we took TV viewing to the next level? Well the BuddyTV Guide App allows you to do just that, skip the whole process of flipping through channels and streamlining your TV viewing experience by taking it to the next level of awesome. 

Michael Jacques, 
BuddyTV Contributor