'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Turnabout is Fair Play
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Turnabout is Fair Play
Tonight's episode of Biggest Loser picks up on the scene of a blubbering Mark still lamenting the departure of his son. He picks up the pieces and vows that his red team will soldier on to victory. But Allison quickly douses water on that dream by informing both teams that they'll be swapping trainers for the week. In addition to that, the team that wins will vote to determine who is sent home on the losing team. For a cast of characters known to be emotionally fragile, this episode could prove to be their ultimate breaking point.

Out of the Comfort Zone

The change in trainers has both of these prima donna teams freaking out. I typically hear the week's excuse theme and have it go in one ear and out the other, but this week's cry of "I was out of my comfort zone" seems to have touched on something going on in the house. Both Dolvett and Bob seem to be good trainers, and the fact that both teams are complaining shows that one guy isn't superior to the other, they're just different. So if a minor change like swapping one personal trainer catering to your personal needs for another is enough to destroy everyone's will, how will they ever be able to maintain their weight-loss over the rest of their lives?

Racing Through the Mud

This week's challenge asks the competitors to dig through a mud pit for different sizes of weights. If it weren't gross enough as a visual medium, there seemed to be an abnormal amount of a revolting squishing sound to reinforce that they are indeed in mud. There's two pounds hanging in the balance as Mark sloshes around looking for the final weight to give red team the win. He eventually finds it and leads his team to victory, which prompts the black team to gleefully throw mud at each other. Losing sure is fun. Conda turns on her team.

In what can come as a surprise to virtually no one, Conda is a snake in the grass. She works up a victim angle because Cassandra and Emily apparently approached her about eventually voting off her brother. Was this exchange shown on screen? I could have missed it while I was upping my dosage of anti-depressants to offset Buddy's story. Speaking of Buddy, he's the shoulder Conda chooses to conspire on and he is all too willing to start "playing the game." Conda explicitly says that she is loyal to the red team and will sabotage her own. So, Conda is still awful.

Big Losers Take to the Scales

Mark starts things off for the red team and sets the tone for what is a very underwhelming performance at the weigh-in. The black team seems to have an opening, but Emily isn't so sure. She infuriates Dolvett by saying that she doesn't think the black team is going to have what it takes to win. It turns out that she's on to something when Megan and Chris both only lose a pound. Emily does goes on to lose four pounds, but it's all for naught and the black team loses.

The red team now sits with the power to vote off anyone on the black team not named Emily. This presents a dichotomy as to whether the red team will choose someone who is under-performing or someone who is strong to better their own chances of winning. The red team has said a lot of things that would make you think that they'd make the honorable choice, but all of their actual actions this season point to the probability of them playing the game. It's interesting that the black team is in the room while the vote takes place so the players that remain can see who voted for them, which could potentially factor into the relationships going forward. In the end, hypocrisy always wins out for the red team and Buddy seals Cassandra's fate.

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