'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Spicing Things Up
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Spicing Things Up
This week's excuse is "exercise is boring." This is one I can definitely identify with, so it'll be interesting how they try to trick up everyone's workouts for the week. As a refresher, Kimmy was voted off last week in lieu of her daughter, even though she had far less weight to lose and was considerably less of a threat. We're right into the first challenge now and I better focus or else I won't find out why Newman's own is so much more than "just a yummy brand."

Load These Boxes ... Buddy, You Just Take a Seat Over There

Ever since the teams have been dissolved, Buddy has been medically unable to compete in any of the challenges. How does he work out all week if he can't walk on ice, run or lift up a box? The challenge boils down to loading a truck with a bunch of heavy boxes. Or as some viewers might call it: Wednesday. The winner will receive individual immunity and their hometown's food bank will get a massive amount of free food from Newman's Own. So at least one of the shameless promotions on this show is doing some good with it. It turns out that everyone's hometown gets the free food, so that's nice.

Buddy Can Still Shake His Stuff

Dolvett takes the remnants of his red team to do some "Zumba" classes, which turn out to really just be mildly aerobic dancing. Buddy somehow musters up the leg strength to bust a bunch of moves; even going up on the stage to lead everyone's dancing. Kim made the point that their "Zumba-ing" didn't even feel like they were working out, and I'm here to explain why: they weren't. They were dancing.

On the other hand, Bob leads his group of girls on a bike ride up a daunting hill. This comes on the heels of him having an inspirational discussion with Megan hoping to extoll her on the real possibility that she can be the Biggest Loser. She goes on to pace the bike ride under the intense scrutiny of Bob's tutelage.

After Jared Fogle visits (uh huh.), the contestants go grocery shopping for ingredients to make a dish that will be graded with the winner receiving 1,000 dollars for every pound they lose this week. The racing through grocery aisles does a great job of drumming up memories of 'Shop 'til You Drop.' The best part of this sequence though is seeing the brands of the ingredients they're using being covered up with tape. No freebies on this show, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray. Kim wins and Chris is crumbling around her undercooked chicken disaster.

Kim's Moment to Shine

Kim is first on the scale, where she learns that she lost seven pounds this week and in turn gains 7,000 dollars for her and her son. Mark has far less to be happy about as he has lost nothing for the week and is placed squarely in the crosshairs to go home this week. Buddy has a lackluster performance that puts him close to the chopping block, but he's in the clear after Megan is unable to lose more than four pounds. Mark or Megan will be going home this week.

Mark has been the house's ringleader and Megan was just below the yellow line last week, so this vote seems like it'll be a no-brainer. And it turns out to be exactly that, a rout that sends Megan home. It turns out that she's engaged now, still riding horses and seems pretty happy. Next week is makeover week, so plan accordingly.

Casey Casteel
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