'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Losers Go It Alone
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Losers Go It Alone
The show wants us to believe that last week's conspiring to vote off Cassandra was the first real instance of the contestants playing the game, but we all know that the red team has long been populated by some of the most conniving people on television. In the wake of last week's elimination and Conda's explicit plan to firebomb her team, the producers might be looking to get a jump on the players. The teams are dissolved and the Losers are on their own on this week's episode of The Biggest Loser.

First Solo Challenge

The idea that everyone is now on their own quickly vanishes once everyone gets back in their color-coordinated hoodies. It's apparent that the three groups of loved ones that remain are going to have each other's backs as much as possible. That theory holds true instantly in the first challenge outside of teams. Unsurprisingly, Conda is the first to figure out the way to manipulate the game and uses it to help Jeremy to a win. Then we have to sit through a lot more rounds of the same tricked-up-tug-of-war to determine in what order gifts will be selected in a White Elephant drawing.

Megan winds up with a pound advantage, Mark has an extra vote that will suit him just fine and Conda winds up with a shopping spree with Jessica Simpson. Coincidentally, Simpson is in the new show 'Fashion Star' premiering tonight after 'The Biggest Loser.' Finally, someone gets penalized for all the corporate shilling in this show. Take that Jessica Simpson, here's a day stuck with Conda.

Killing Time

Bob talks to Emily because she has been struggling with her confidence. Conda takes Wrestler Kim out with her on the shopping spree with Jessica Simpson and we see that Kim looks stiff in a dress. Dolvett takes other Kim(my) to a rock climbing wall in an attempt to help her conquer her fear of heights, and because it would eat up a nice five minutes of airtime. Did I mention eating? Because Subway is a delicious way for you to get a nourishing meal while staying true to your diet.

Say Hello to the Yellow Line

The first weigh-in with a yellow line starts with Kim(my) losing four pounds that she seems pretty happy with, but is quickly dwarfed by Conda's -7. Jeremy steps up touting his undefeated streak that undoubtedly he was the only one keeping track of, but he does lose nine pounds. Mark winds up losing the most weight, which is more impressive because he is the smallest man left. Emily takes the scale needing more than five pounds to avoid joining Kim(my) below the yellow line. Unfortunately, she hits -5 on the nose and virtually seals her fate in the elimination.

Did anyone else notice now that we're further along in the game and everyone looks more presentable, now is the time they let the women wear longer tank tops and don't make the men take off their shirts. It's obviously got to be less embarrassing for them no than in previous weeks, so why the change? Nevertheless, Emily and Kim(my) are up for elimination. They both are equally supported by a loved one in the game so those votes cancel each other out. It ends up coming down to Mark's two votes, which he puts behind Kim(my) and sends Emily home.

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