Brothers & Sisters: Season 3 Premiere "Glass Houses" Recap
Brothers & Sisters: Season 3 Premiere "Glass Houses" Recap
It's been a long, lonely summer without the Walker clan, but tonight the gang is finally back.  When we last left everyone's favorite dysfunctional family, Kevin and Scotty got married, Saul came out of the closet, Kitty and Robert decided to look into adopting, and it was revealed that William fathered an illegitimate son named Ryan.  Also, in the most divisive storyline of all time, Justin and Rebecca decided to act on their feelings for one another now that they're officially not related.  Is it sexy and romantic or contrived and gross?  You be the judge.

On tonight's season 3 premiere of Brothers & Sisters, Justin and Rebecca attempt to keep their relationship a secret, and Kevin faces a serious threat to his career.

The episode begins with Kitty poring over the recommendation letter that Sarah wrote for her to help with the adoption, though she's not aware that the overly effusive testimonial was actually written by Nora.  While Kitty (Calista Flockhart) stresses over that business, Tommy and Holly are plotting to fire Kevin and hire a new lawyer for Ojai.  It's nothing personal, of course, but Sarah is against it anyway.  Meanwhile, Kevin's boss, who just happens to be played by the awesome Mitch Pileggi, gives him the keys to his fancy beach house.  People who become partners at the firm are usually the only ones allowed to visit the place, so things are looking up for Kevin.

Nora would love to forget about the Ryan Walker scandal, but Kevin (Matthew Rhys) is still looking into it.  He gets some info on the whereabouts of the illegitimate little brother, including a phone number, but I'm not expecting to see the mystery sibling anytime soon.  It's too early in the season for that shocker.  While Kevin and Sarah tell Nora that Ryan may be in Bakersfield, Kitty walks in and overhears something about another Walker.  To hide the truth from her, Kevin is forced to invite the entire family to the vacation home.  So much for a romantic weekend.

I never tire of confrontations between Nora and Holly (Patricia Wettig).  Nora heads to Ojai to chew out her rival for planning to fire Kevin, but Holly tells her that she has no right to interfere in business decisions.  Holly's bitchitude actually gets Nora to back off, which is fairly amazing.

While Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) babysits Paige and Cooper, Justin stops by to further the romance everyone loves to hate.  They want to keep things secret, but of course the kids catch them making out.  Good job, you guys.

Kevin and Scotty are the first to arrive at the Laguna house, but the rest of the clan shows up soon enough.  Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) is still pissed at Tommy for planning to fire Kevin, and it's even more awkward since Kevin is still oblivious to the news.  Speaking of awkward, Paige and Cooper threaten to expose Justin and Rebecca if they're not allowed to get high on soda and watch whatever they want on TV.  They're little Gossip Girl kids in the making.

When Nora confronts Tommy (Balthazar Getty) about the Kevin situation, he explains that the whole thing was his idea, not Holly's.  They simply can't afford Kevin, and it doesn't matter if he's a relative or not.  Meanwhile, Kitty has figured out that Sarah didn't write her recommendation letter.  Sarah tries to explain that she's been stressed, and eventually breaks down and spills the beans about Ryan.

As if Kevin isn't having enough problems, things go south when Paige and Cooper break an expensive glass statue.  Justin (Dave Annable) takes the blame for it, not out of the kindness of his heart, but to keep his scandalous secret safe.  While cleaning up the mess, all the Walker family secrets come out.  Kitty blurts out the news about Ryan, Justin decides to admit that he's dating Rebecca while everyone is distracted, and Sarah tells Kevin that he's being fired.  This vacation just went from awesome to horrifying in under five minutes.

Later that night, Tommy tries to explain his reasoning to his brother, but Kevin knows that William would have wanted him involved in the business.  He won't be forgiving Tommy anytime soon, and Rebecca won't be forgiving Justin for revealing their relationship to the entire family.  Sarah also doesn't have any luck apologizing to Kitty, which means that everyone will be going to bed miserable tonight.

Justin visits Rebecca at her new apartment the next day to attempt to apologize once again.  She's worried that the Walkers will disown her due to the relationship, but it's a risk she's willing to take.  Meanwhile, Kitty rants to Robert about her issues with Sarah, which mainly stem from the fact that Sarah thinks her sister's life is all sunshine and kittens.  Well, she IS dating a rich senator that looks like Rob Lowe, so I think things could be worse.

Mitch Pileggi is not pleased when Kevin tells him about the damage to his house, nor is he thrilled that they've lost the Ojai account.  However, he manages to stay fairly calm about the news, which is not what I expect from the former Walter Skinner.  Over at Ojai, Nora (Sally Field) shows up to start round two with Holly.  In the ultimate bitch move, Nora throws the Ryan news in Holly's face.  Burn!

Sarah arrives at Kitty's to give her a real recommendation letter, but it's too late to submit it.  Sarah wants to make things right with her sister, but Kitty is convinced they still have a problem trusting each other.  In case this episode isn't depressing enough, it comes to an end with a montage set to "Everybody Hurts."  Can't those Walkers learn to get along?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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