Brothers & Sisters: Fake It Till You Make It
Brothers & Sisters: Fake It Till You Make It
During the very short-lived version of The Apprentice hosted by Martha Stewart, the domestic goddess mentioned how much she hates the term "fake it till you make it."  Faking it usually doesn't fly in the business world, but that didn't stop wannabe Internet superstars Ethan and Kyle from lying about their company on last night's Brothers & Sisters.  The duplicitous duo promised Sarah that they were on the verge of raking in millions, but in reality their business was being run out of a dingy apartment.  Despite the lies, Sarah felt inspired by their passion and ended up taking the job.

Ethan and Kyle weren't the only ones faking it in last night's episode.  Tommy and Kevin agreed to act like best friends for Justin's benefit, and Nora tricked Kitty into assisting with the search for Ryan.

The most interesting storyline in last night's Brothers & Sisters was the continuing search for Ryan.  Did Nora have the right to tell Mr. Lafferty that his dead wife was having an affair?  I can understand her desire to find her husband's long-lost love child, but her need for answers may rip another family apart.  Nora's decision to tell Mr. Lafferty the truth about his son reminded me a bit of Sarah's decision to tell Rebecca that William was her father.  Nora may not have spilled the beans out of spite, but she did tell someone a truth they may have been better off not knowing. 

The search for Ryan remains extremely compelling, but I'm also enjoying the ongoing feud between Tommy and Kevin.  Both brothers are acting completely childish and ridiculous, but all the Walkers act that way occasionally.  Watching Justin step up as the mature sibling was a nice change of pace, and I especially liked his "Bitches Anonymous" meeting that called back to last season's intervention.  Justin really seems to have his life together for once, and I'm hoping he can help Tommy and Kevin put their Ojai issues behind them.

Not everything in last night's episode involved lying and fighting.  Kitty and Robert discovered they've been approved for the adoption and will have a baby in a few months, Justin celebrated one year of sobriety, and Sarah landed a new job that will work perfectly with her schedule.  The Walker family is experiencing a lot of crazy shake-ups this season, but at least a few people are staying grounded.

On next week's Brothers & Sisters, Kevin stirs up trouble at his new job after he finds some incriminating photos of Robert.  He may be willing to fake it with Tommy, but Kevin obviously has no trouble speaking his mind in the workplace.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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