Brothers & Sisters: Episode 3.4 "Everything Must Go" Recap
Brothers & Sisters: Episode 3.4 "Everything Must Go" Recap
Last week's episode of Brothers & Sisters found two of the Walkers experiencing major career changes.  Both Sarah and Saul (Ron Rifkin) decided to leave Ojai due to the meddling from Holly and Tommy, which left a lot of tension brewing between the siblings.  Aside from that drama, Kevin backed into the closet for a shot at a promotion, and Justin awkwardly met with a fellow soldier from Iraq.

There's even more career upheaval on tonight's Brothers & Sisters, as Rebecca takes on a new job and Kevin receives an interesting offer from Robert.

Nora (Sally Field) must have a lot of time on her hands these days, because she wants to start up a non-profit, with the nerve center located in the Walker house.  Furniture from the office will have to be moved into the garage to make room, which means it's time for a good old-fashioned garage sale.  While Nora makes plans to rake in some dough, Holly has the temp agency call Rebecca to work for a few days at Ojai.  Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) isn't thrilled that her mother ordered her like an entree off a menu, but Holly wants quality time with her daughter.

Kevin (Matthew Rhys), Saul and Sarah want to spend the day lounging by the pool, but Nora interrupts the fun by forcing them to help clean out the garage.  Meanwhile, Kitty tells Robert's staff that she'll be stepping down as communications director now that her book is being published.  Robert seems less than thrilled by her decision, but he can't help it if the Walkers are currently addicted to career changes.  The first guy they interview for the position is an intelligent Harvard grad, but Robert is unimpressed.  Kitty (Calista Flockhart) thinks he's being picky and ridiculous, but he insists the newbie needs to have a wow factor.

Nora isn't feeling particularly sentimental about keeping William's stuff.  She's ready to sell it all, memories be damned, but Justin (Dave Annable) wants her to keep the knick-knacks.  Saul advises he let Nora do what she wants, but instead he tries to recruit Sarah to help him save their father's possessions.  She's not up for it, so it looks like Justin's on his own.  After Tommy shows up, he speaks to Sarah for the first time since she walked away from her job.  They argue over Ojai once again, with Sarah delivering the fatal blow by calling him "Holly's little bitch."  Ouch.

After Rebecca finishes her work at Ojai and flees from her mom, she helps Justin hang up garage sale signs.  She actually didn't find the forced bonding too unbearable, so maybe she'll make up with her mother after all.  Meanwhile, Kitty and Kevin set up the tables and bond over the awkwardness of selling their father's possessions.  Kevin assures his sister that she's making the right decision by publishing her book, whether Robert agrees with it or not.

Justin tries to talk to his mother about her need to sell off William's stuff.  She insists that she has no secret motivations, and that she came to terms long ago with the fact that her husband was a cheat.  At Holly's place, her lawyer has dug up Ryan's location.  He hands the info over to her, but what does she plan to do with it?

Tommy chooses to avoid any further drama by not going to the garage sale, but the rest of the family chips in.  Kevin and Robert (Rob Lowe) have a confrontation over a bill he's backing, and Kevin also uses the opportunity to bash the Senator for making Kitty feel guilty for leaving.  While they bicker, Justin tries to rescue a porcelain monkey from being sold, but Nora insists he let it go.

Julia (Sarah Jane Morris), aka whatsherface, tells Sarah that Tommy stayed home because he's hurt over the family drama.  She points out that Sarah made the bad deal that put the company in jeopardy, then ran off when things got tough.  I think whatsherface should mind her own business, but whatever.  Later that night, Robert tells Kitty that he's worried they'll drift apart if she no longer works for him.  She assures him they'll be just fine.

After Justin lets Nora know that they raked in 900 bucks during the garage sale, she breaks down and realizes that all those sentimental items are really gone.  At least a couple important things were rescued.  Sarah snagged an old time capsule to give to Tommy, and Rebecca rescued a painting that her mother gave to William ages ago.  Rebecca tells her mom that she only thinks of the lies whenever she looks at her, but Holly (Patricia Wettig) thinks they can build up some trust if her daughter takes a job at Ojai.  Rebecca reluctantly agrees, though she makes Holly vow not to lie again.

Sarah and Tommy bond over the contents of the time capsule, as well as the fact that they were always working when the other siblings were having tons of fun.  Two other people sharing the love are Kevin and Robert.  Despite their argument at the garage sale, Robert offers him the job as communications director.  He thinks Kevin is just the type of thoughtful pain in the ass who will challenge him and bring a new outlook to the office.  Kevin reminds the Senator that he already has a job he likes, but Robert convinces him to think about it.

After seeing how hard it is for Nora to adjust to William's stuff being gone, Justin reveals that he rescued the porcelain monkey.  Aw, monkeys make everything better.  She hates that William still gets to her, but Justin assures her it'll get easier.  While the monkey finds a new home on the mantle, Sarah and Tommy bury another time capsule in the yard.  He admits that he misses having her at the company, and asks her if she'll come back when Holly eventually leaves.  We'll see if that ever happens.

As Brothers & Sisters comes to an end, Rebecca stumbles upon the file containing all of Ryan's information.  Let's hope she takes it to the Walkers pronto.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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