Brothers & Sisters: Episode 3.3 "Tug of War" Recap
Brothers & Sisters: Episode 3.3 "Tug of War" Recap
Last week's episode of Brothers & Sisters found the Walkers bickering with one another once again.  All the anger in the family was directed toward Kitty, who revealed she wrote a memoir about Robert's campaign.  Not only did she paint the Walkers as less than sane in the tell-all, but she'll also have to resign from her position if the book gets published.  Aside from that drama, Rebecca foolishly turned down her two million dollar trust fund, Holly met with a lawyer to track down Ryan, and Kitty got the approval from a social worker to go ahead with the adoption.

On tonight's Brothers & Sisters, Kevin has to decide if his career is more important than his integrity, while Saul and Sarah ponder leaving Ojai.

This week's Brothers & Sisters kicks off at Ojai Foods, which is a name Tommy (Balthazar Getty) and Holly would like to change to Walker Landing.  They also want to use 500 acres of Ojai's land for a vineyard, all in an effort to make more money and get the company out of debt.  Thankfully, there's a board that has to approve these decisions, so Tommy and Holly may be out of luck.

There are a few publishers wanting to give Kitty (Calista Flockhart) a book deal, but she's not sure if she wants to resign from her position as Robert's aide.  While she talks to Nora about the scandalous tell-all, Justin reveals that he's going to work as a military recruiter.  He shows up for his first day completely clean-shaven (seriously!), but he gets into a bit of trouble when he mentions 9/11 to his customers.  His boss wants him to sell people on honor and patriotism, not a national tragedy.

Kevin (Matthew Rhys) wrangles Scotty into going to a client dinner, thinking that his presence will make him look more warm and sympathetic to the hotshot client.  If Kevin can land the big fish it'll make up for losing Ojai, and possibly put him on the road to becoming partner at the firm.  Later, Kevin chats with his boss, who lets him know the client may be a bit of a homophobe.  If he wants to make partner, he better leave Scotty at home.

Kevin visits Robert's office looking for Kitty, but ends up asking him for advice about the upcoming dinner.  Robert (Rob Lowe) tells him to do what he has to do to make partner, then change the rules once he has some power.  Not a bad idea, but it will require Kevin to compromise his integrity for at least one night.

Saul (Ron Rifkin) turns in his resignation at Ojai, claiming that he's not happy with the myriad of big changes taking place at the company.  Sarah tries to convince him to stay and fight, but he's not up for it.  Saul is going to become an unemployed, swinging bachelor.  While Saul drives off to become a gentleman of leisure, Justin (Dave Annable) runs into a soldier he saved in Iraq.  The guy invites him to have dinner with his family, and Justin accepts even though he feels weird about being branded a hero.

Nora (Sally Field) and Saul chat about his decision to leave the company, which is something she supports.  He's thinking of retiring and using his extra time to find a boyfriend, who I think should be played by Victor Garber, just for laughs.  Nora visits Sarah later to stick up for her brother, and she also mentions that she thinks the ideas that Tommy and Holly have been pitching sound reasonable.  She advises Sarah to quit if her job if it's going to make her miserable, but there are a hundred reasons why that can't happen.  Speaking of people feeling miserable, a sulky Justin tells Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) about the upcoming dinner date he's set up.  She wants to tag along with him, and he agrees to let her even though he couldn't be less thrilled with the idea.

Kevin tells Scotty that he doesn't have to go to the dinner, and though he tries to play it off as no big deal, Scotty can see through the lies.  Kevin tells him the truth about the situation, and Scotty reminds him to remember who he is while he fights to become partner.

Justin and Rebecca go to the first awkward dinner of the episode, where Justin gets a round of applause for saving the soldier's life after walking in.  He also gets a hug from the guy's mom and a sign from his kids, all of which makes him feel ridiculously weird.  Things go from bad to worse when Rebecca asks to hear the story about his life-saving heroics.  Justin doesn't want to talk about it and storms off to a bar, where he considers downing some booze to wash away his problems.

What's more exciting than watching a board meeting?  Tommy, Holly (Patricia Wettig), Nora and Sarah meet with the board to discuss the changes, and just as the suits are ready to veto the rebranding, Sarah steps in and convinces them it's the best thing for the company.  She successfully sticks up for her brother while slyly avoiding saying anything nice about Holly.  Afterwards, she lets Tommy know that she's quitting her job at Ojai.  I guess she listened to Nora's advice after all.

Let's take a visit to awkward dinner number two, where Kevin and his boss are trying to impress the hotshot client.  It's not long before one of the clients assumes he has a wife, which he doesn't deny.  Let the snowball of lies begin!

Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) immediately starts downing wine while telling Nora about her decision to quit.  I feel like I should get drunk off chardonnay every time I watch this show.  Over at Kevin's place, he tells Scotty that he wowed the client, but feels completely sick about pretending to be straight just to impress the bigwigs.  Scotty tells him he either has to suck it up and accept his decision or simply tell the truth.

Rebecca freaks out when Justin finally comes home hours later.  The good news is he didn't drink, but the bad news is he still doesn't want to talk about Iraq.  He lost a friend in the same accident where he acted like a hero, and it's impossible for him to go to work and try to recruit kids when he knows how horrible it is over there.  Justin storms off yet again, telling Rebecca to go home and leave him alone.

The next day, Justin, who is still clean-shaven by the way, tells Nora that he's worried Rebecca will walk if she learns too much about him.  Nora tells her son that he'll be surprised how much easier things will be if he just opens up.  At Kevin's office, he lets his boss know that he feels less than stellar about how he handled the meeting, but he decides to keep quiet about his homosexuality and live with the decision.

As the episode comes to an end, Tommy decides to keep the Ojai name for the company, and Justin finally opens up to Rebecca and apologizes to her.  He explains that the dinner was awkward because he secretly wishes he had saved his friend after the accident instead of the other guy.  Justin may not have anything bright and sunshiny to talk about, but at least he's talking.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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