Brothers & Sisters: Episode 3.2 "Book Burning" Recap
Brothers & Sisters: Episode 3.2 "Book Burning" Recap
Last week on Brothers & Sisters, the Walker family had a gathering that ended with lots of yelling and plenty of secrets being spilled.  Then again, doesn't that happen in every episode?  The season 2 premiere found Justin and Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) revealing their relationship to the family, Tommy removing Kevin from the Ojai Foods account, Nora telling Holly about Ryan, and Kitty experiencing trust issues with Sarah.  The family usually recovers from their big blowouts, but last week's rumble shook them up more than usual.

On tonight's Brothers & Sisters, a tell-all memoir written by Kitty stirs up all kinds of juicy drama.

Tonight's episode doesn't start out well for those still grossed out by the Rebecca and Justin (Dave Annable) pairing.  Just as the two start making out hot and heavy on the couch, Justin runs off to talk to Sarah about how he's nervous about sleeping with his almost-sibling.  He needs advice, so Sarah tells him it'll be best if he takes it slow.  I still can't decide if I approve of this romance or not, but I guess I'll have to deal with it.

To get the adoption process moving, Kitty has to throw a big dinner for both her family and a social worker.  Oh, that's going to turn out well.  While she preps for that sure to be disastrous event, Holly grills Saul (Ron Rifkin) for info on Ryan's mother.  He claims he doesn't know anything about the mystery woman.  William sure did have plenty of women stashed away, didn't he?

Nora (Sally Field) still isn't keen on contacting Ryan, but Kevin thinks having a total of six siblings will lead to fun Brady Bunch-style shenanigans.  After Nora shuts that idea down, Kitty reveals to Kevin that she "accidentally" wrote a book about Robert and the campaign.  The book doesn't have any smut or depravity in it, but Robert knows a tell-all has been written and has tasked Kitty to find out the identity of the author.  Kevin takes out the manuscript after Kitty leaves, flips through it and simply exclaims, "Oh my God!"

Rebecca wants to have a getaway with Justin that involves a night in a hotel room, which completely freaks him out.  He immediately calls Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) for advice, but once he mentions candlelight and massage oils Tommy grabs the phone and tells him to stop acting like a girl.  She's hot, he reminds him, so he should just man up and go for it.

Rebecca meets Holly (Patricia Wettig) and her attorney and learns that she's being given the two million dollars from her trust fund that she was supposed to get when she turns 25.  Rebecca is offended and thinks her mom is trying to buy her love, which is the dumbest thing I've heard all night.  When someone throws two million bucks at you, you do not object!  Take it and run!  Rebecca doesn't exactly listen to me, but she does reluctantly agree to become an overnight millionaire.

After Kevin (Matthew Rhys) gets horribly offended by the way Kitty portrayed him in her book, Nora finds the manuscript and also takes a look.  None of this will end well.  Kitty admits to Robert (Rob Lowe) that she's the author of the tell-all, but they don't have much time to argue before the social worker shows up.  Kitty tries to make her relationship sound perfect and the Walkers seem like saints, but I have a feeling the social worker will catch on to the truth once dinner starts.

Much like Kevin, Nora is also pissed after reading Kitty's manuscript, and she makes sure to rant to Justin about how every family member seems like a caricature.  Justin thinks she's overreacting until he reads about himself, and soon Sarah and Tommy (Balthazar Getty) know they're not painted in the best light either.  The Everybody Hates Kitty show has begun, and it's going to lead to the most awkward family dinner EVER.

The Walker clan shows up at Kitty's and sling passive aggressive barbs at her while walking in the door.  The barbs keep on coming as dinner starts, but the ridiculously spicy food Nora made stops them from speaking for a few minutes.  Nora knocks water on the social worker's shirt to stop her from getting a mouthful of cayenne pepper, and once the stranger runs off the family is free to have it out with Kitty.  Robert stands up for his wife as Nora lays into her, which is pretty awesome.  He puts the Walkers in their place, but I hope that doesn't stop them from having hilarious arguments in the future.

After getting the hotel room, Justin tells Rebecca that he can't have sex with her yet.  She wasn't planning on that anyway, so she doesn't mind waiting.  She then admits that she's offended that her mother is giving her two million bucks.  It's dirty money that was earned due to Holly's slutty ways, so if Rebecca takes it she's no better than her mom.  Only someone who grew up rich would ever ponder turning down TWO MILLION DOLLARS.  I mean, really.

While Holly and Sarah bicker at work about Holly's management style, Kitty (Calista Flockhart) tries to apologize to her mother.  They share a touching moment, and Sally Field reaches for another Emmy nod when she breaks down about how she longs to be respected by her daughter.  Kitty points out that she dedicated the book to her mom, and we all let out a collective "awww!"

Rebecca takes her trust money to Nora and asks her to take it from her.  Nora plans to hold it for her, that way when Rebecca wakes up and realizes that she just turned down TWO MILLION FREAKIN' DOLLARS it'll be there for her.  At Kitty's place, she's learned that the social worker approved them, and also that Robert read her book twice and loves it.  However, he tells her if it gets published she'll have to resign, because his staff members can't be writing tell-alls about him.

As the episode comes to an end, Holly meets with her lawyer and asks him to track down Ryan.  She even lays on some sexual charm.  Holly is once again causing tons of trouble!  Shocking, isn't it?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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