Brothers & Sisters: Episode 2.4 "States of the Union" Recap
Brothers & Sisters: Episode 2.4 "States of the Union" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Brothers and Sisters: Kitty and Senator McAllister's continued their marriage preparations, Sarah dealt with Joe leaving her, Justin struggled to control his pain, Julia left to cope with her postpartum depression, and Scotty came back into Kevin's life.

At the Walker house, Nora is passive aggressively offended that Rebecca is taking better care of Justin than she is.  We go into fun Walker phone calls.  Sarah is whining about her divorce to Kitty, who's busy at work going over the Senator's campaign.  They both try to fend off incoming calls from their mother.  While going through the Senator's paperwork, Kitty comes across a pre-nup.  After unsuccessfully trying to call her daughters, Tommy avoids another Nora call dealing with his upstart wine business.

Kitty plans to take Sarah on a spa weekend to get her mind off her wedding anniversary.  Nora horns in, and thus the Wacky Walker Women Weekend is born.  I realize this show has a great writing staff, but at this point, you can just write "Nora, Kitty and Sarah go on a spa weekend" and let these fantastic actresses improv the hell out of it.  At the spa, the ladies are sitting around in robes, and Nora is gabbing about coping with divorce.  One of the employees tells the girls to quiet down, and unsurprisingly, Nora ignores that, going on about divorce rates and starter marriages.  Kitty goes off to talk to her fiance, and is chastised because the spa doesn't allow cell phones.

Sarah lets it slip to Kitty and Nora that Julia is staying with her parents and took Elizabeth.  The girls are astonished, and the employee throws them out of the Quiet Room.  Nora instantly wants to run off to help Tommy, and Sarah plays the guilt card about how the weekend is supposed to be about her.  They want food, but the dining hall it closed for a wedding reception.  Nora gets the brilliant idea to crash it, and Kitty follows suit, eventually convincing Sarah.  Once inside, they cruise the hall for guys while Kitty pouts about the pre-nup.  She's of course neurotic, talking about how everyone's marriages are crumbling in her family, which is awesomely cold.

A handsome man (the groom's son) sits down at the table, and Kitty and Nora make themselves scarce.  This is when Nora makes her getaway to see Tommy, while Sarah poorly flirts with the man.  They try to go up to her room to have a fling, but the lock doesn't work, and she goes insane over all her divorce drama, causing the man to leave quickly in hopes of finding a different one night stand.  When he's gone, Sarah goes to the door across the hall and opens it up.  You have to love self-sabotage.

Tommy is miserable without Julia, and while working late with Lena, they crack open a bottle of wine just as Nora shows up to postpone the inevitable "Tommy has an affair" storyline.  Tommy knows exactly why she's here, and Nora tries to convince him to drive to Phoenix to save his marriage.  He refuses, and the theme of tonight's Brothers and Sisters is: Nora tries to solve all of her kids' problems, but they don't want her help.  When Nora leaves, Tommy bonds with Lena over losing his son.  The next morning, Holly notices Tommy and Lena are wearing the same clothes from the previous day, and she reads him the riot act as an expert in affairs.  I know this cast is huge, but Patricia Wettig never gets enough screen time, because scenes like this remind you that she rules.

When Nora sneaks back in, the three Walker women have a huge Walker fight about her trying to fix them and ruining their lives, and in typical Brothers and Sisters fashion, it goes from dramatic to hilariously in about five seconds.  The schizophrenic tonal shifts in each scene are one of the reasons I love this show.  The next morning, the Walker women say their apologies, and Nora gives her sage motherly advice that calms both her daughters down about their impending marriage and divorce.  It turns out the Senator didn't want a pre-nup, but his people drew it up.  And Sarah calls Kevin to get a lawyer for her divorce.

Milo takes closeted Saul out on a man-date to a swank gay party, where Scotty is a cater waiter.  The next morning, Scotty is instantly gossiping to Kevin about gay uncle Saul.  Kevin meets up with Saul later, trying to convince Saul to come out.  Saul gets defensive and shoves his nephew out.  Later that night, Saul apologizes to Kevin, but he iterates "I'm not gay."  Is it actually possible that this whole gay Saul story is misdirection?

Justin spends the episode getting physical therapy, where he meets a fellow injured soldier who sings the praises of being high as a kite.  When he and Rebecca get home, she interrogates him about being high, and Justin gets offended.  They make up, but the final scene of the episode shows Justin pocketing some extra pills.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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