'Brothers and Sisters' Roundup: Time Jumps, Regular Jumps and Other Casting Bumps
The last time Brothers and Sisters played with time was during the big flashback episode called "Time After Time." After toying with the past, word has it that they've got the future in mind next. Read on for more spoilers for this season of the show.

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Again, we warn you: mild spoilers ahead!

Time Jumps
Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly had a chat with the show's executive producer David Marshall Grant recently. It was revealed that the ABC drama will be leaping past a whole year, right between the May 16 finale and the premiere of season 5. We're worried that it just won't work for this sort of storyline, but Grant assures us that it's all for the best.

"We all know that Rob [Lowe]'s not coming back next year... [so Kitty] is going to be single next season," he said. "It's going to be a little bit more of a nod to where we were in the first season with her dating. And when you add to that the possibility of jumping a year, it could be really good for us. Basically, by doing this all bets are off in terms of where everybody is."

Regular Jumps
The moment Brothers and Sisters fans have waited for has finally arrived, and we're not talking about Rob Lowe's departure. According to Entertainment Weekly, your favorite French import is here to stay. Gilles Marini will finally be a series regular next season.

David Marshall Grant added, "We'll be exploring Kitty as a single woman and Sarah and Luc as a couple."

Casting Bumps
Despite the new addition to the cast though, there's one actor who didn't make the cut. Again, it's not Rob Lowe. Ausiello says that the Walkers will be losing a sibling on season 5, as Luke Grimes will no longer be on the show. Well, half-brother Ryan hardly made any appearances this year anyway.

But speaking of those dearly departing: Rob Lowe - yes, we're getting there - has landed another TV gig. The Wrap reports that the actor has been hauled in as guest star on Showtime's Californication. He'll be playing a movie star playing Hank Moody (David Duchovny) in the film version of Moody's novel.

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If that sounds rather perplexing, you'd better just tune in. Or catch Rob Lowe's last hurrah on Brothers and Sisters. The finale kicks off on May 16.

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