Brotherhood: Season 3 Concludes Tonight
Brotherhood: Season 3 Concludes Tonight
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The gritty, political-crime drama starring Jason Isaacs, Jason Clarke and Annabeth Gish will come to a close tonight as Showtime airs the season finale of Brotherhood.  Set in a fictional Irish neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island, known as "The Hill," the series revolves around the Caffee brothers, who, despite being on opposite sides of the law, are determined to protect the neighborhood and what is theirs by any means necessary.

Brotherhood, which has earned critical acclaim and a 2007 Peabody Award, kicked off its third season on November 2, nearly a year after its last installment aired in which Franklin launched an investigation in the aftermath of the holiday furlough and Michael (Jason Isaacs) tied up some loose ends as his life was threatened by Freddie and Nozzoli (John Fiore).
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The drama continued with Tommy (Jason Clarke) considering a potentially risky career change given his frustration of being Speaker Donatello's (Matt Servitto) errand boy.  Michael and Tommy, who were not speaking to each other at the time, met at their mother's birthday party, where the ailing Rose (Fionnula Flanagan) tried to hide her condition.  As for Eileen (Annabeth Gish), she became more invested in her job at social services while preparing for the birth of her fourth child.

Seven episodes later, Brotherhood bids farewell with the installment called “Birnam Wood Come to Dunsinane,” which features Tommy becoming the heir apparent for the Speakership of the House when Speaker Donatello's condition worsens.  And because of this, Freddie Cork (Kevin Chapman) schemes to get on Tommy's good side.  At the same time, with the Italian mob, the Rhode Island Police and the feds after him, Michael's obsessive need to find Colin (Brian F. O'Byrne) puts everyone in jeopardy.

Don't forget to catch the third season finale of Brotherhood tonight at 10pm on Showtime.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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