'The Bachelorette' Family Blogs: The Final Three
'The Bachelorette' Family Blogs: The Final Three
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The hometown dates not only gave Desiree Hartsock the chance to meet her bachelors' families but it also gave viewers a better understanding of Desiree's relationship with her final three men. So who does Desiree pick in the end? Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky and Bachelorette season 5 star Jillian Harris make their predictions while host Chris Harrison and Desiree herself weigh in on this week's Bachelorette
Ali Fedotowsky: "As much as I like Drew, I just don't think he's the guy for Desiree. He got a rose tonight, but I think he'll be the next to go... And the one thing that stood out to me (yet again!) is that Desiree found the time outside of the filming to do something some special for Chris. She wrote him the poem during her free time and now she drew something for him! That honestly speaks volumes on how she feels. I've explained in a past blog that you get little to no time to relax as the Bachelorette. The fact that Desiree spends that time doing nice things for Chris makes me feel pretty confident that she picks him in the end. I've said it before and I'm sticking to it... I know we keep hearing Desiree say that she loves Brooks. But the fact that the producers keep showing it makes me wonder if she actually picks him in the end." 

Jillian Harris: "She will pick Brooks (or no one), but I still feel like there is something else or someone out there for Des... I'm not QUITE convinced it's one of these three yet. And Drew, well, she will let him go second to last and he will be the next Bachelor. And no, I don't have any insider info, tips, or hints. I have NO clue...just my guess!"

Chris Harrison: "Brooks is the only one up to this point who hasn't professed his love verbally to Des. And while this hometown date was pretty good, Brooks still isn't ready to take that leap and use the 'L' word. One thing I noticed on Brooks' hometown date is the different dynamic. On the other hometowns Des knew the guys love her and she's really just meeting these families and trying to see if she could see a life with them. While Des was doing some of that with Brooks it really seemed like he was the one using the time to see if he was ready to take the big leap with Des. He really seems to be leaning on his family members looking for answers. It seemed by the end he got those answers. Like the other families, Brooks' family loved Des and could very much see her apart of their son's life."

Desiree Hartsock: "Since [Brooks'] confidence throughout this journey has waivered, I shared a list of our best memories to reassure him of my strong feelings for him. It worried me that he still needed reassurance, so I did have questions for his family to see if he is ready for a committed relationship...  His mother and siblings told me that Brooks is ready for a committed relationship once he meets the right girl and that he would be the best partner to have in life. After a great day, I felt confident in my relationship with Brooks and couldn't wait to see him again."

Who do you think will Desiree pick in the end?

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