[Video] Check Out The Trailers For FOX's New 2013-2014 Comedies
[Video] Check Out The Trailers For FOX's New 2013-2014 Comedies
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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FOX might have made a "huge mistake" once upon a time when they cancelled Arrested Development, but since then their comedy brand has really grown and flourished. 

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Thanks to a great sophomore season, New Girl is now one of the funniest shows on TV while The Mindy Project shows real promise. But with a few causalities of the 2012 season (pour one out for Ben and Kate) FOX still had plenty of room for new comedy on their lineup. And they've really committed to developing the comedy block, using the World Series bump in their schedule in order to gradually roll out new sitcoms.

So which comedies will become new favorites, which won't make it the full season, and which are just cringe-worthy? Let's take a look at the trailers:


When: Tuesdays at 8pm, pre-playoffs

The Plot: Two successful video game entrepreneurs and childhood best friends see their lives turned upside down when their dads come back into the picture to annoy them.

Prognosis: Let's start with the good: Seth Green is always funny and Giovanni Ribisi proved on Friends that he has excellent comedy timing. It's exec produced by Seth MacFarlane, which is either a positive or a negative depending on how you feel about him. Let's move onto the bad: the trailer. Dear god, the trailer. There are a few chuckle moments, but it feels like they took CBS' failed Partners, threw in some fathers and some offensive Asian stereotypes, and called it a day. Unless it's more magical on screen, it doesn't feel like a future hit. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

When: Tuesdays at 8:30pm, pre-playoffs

The Plot: A childish hot-shot detective who can't seem to play by the rules chafes under the new strict boss at his Brooklyn precinct. 

Prognosis: Great talent behind the scenes, great talent in front of the camera, and some seriously funny bits in the trailer makes this comedy seem like it's a solid bet. It's helmed by  Park and Recreations Dan Goor and Michael Schur and stars Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg, bringing his weird energy to an even weirder bunch of cops. Funny cops, quirky characters, and SNL vets equals a comedy to put on your must-watch list.


When: Fridays at 9:30pm, after the World Series

The Plot: Both a family comedy and a military comedy, Enlisted follows three brothers on a military base and the wacky characters that surround them.

Prognosis: It's like Bad New Bears but in the army! Based off the trailer the comedy looks promising, though it depends on how well they use the central premise of the military base. Still, "panda bears are my spirit animals" is a statement I can get behind. They tear bamboo with their teeth! The fact that FOX is debuting this on Friday nights midway through the fall, however, is not a great sign for their belief in the show. 

Us and Them

When: Midseason TBA

The Plot: Gavin and Stacey go on a blind date that goes well...and then maybe not so well. Their path to love is complicated by all the weird, quirky characters around them.

Prognosis: There's quirk, it's based on the BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey, and it's got charm all over the place. Most of that is thanks to Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel, who are always a good bet to hinge a show on. But the cast of supporting characters seem quirky and hilarious enough to keep the laughs moving along. FOX hasn't put it on the schedule yet, so this show is one to keep an eye out for. 

UPDATE: New Trailer Below

Surviving Jack

When: Midseason TBA

The Plot: Set in the early 90s, a great law job for mom means increased parenting responsibilities for Christopher Meloni's tough dad.  

Prognosis: It's a little hard to say. Christopher Meloni is usually great in everything and his scary dad already seems fun to watch. The show is based on Justin Halpern's best-selling autobiographical book "I Suck At Girls". That said, it's not like his last foray with $#*! My Dad Says was a runaway hit. And shows set in previous decades, especially the 80s and early 90s, which hit heavy on time period humor tend to grow tired fast. Hard to say how this comedy will fare whenever it pops up on the schedule.

What do you think? Are you excited about any of the shows? What will you be watching? Sound off in the comments! 

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