'Dance Moms' Recap: The Underdog Rises to the Top
'Dance Moms' Recap: The Underdog Rises to the Top
Despite all of the drama from this week's episode, I can't think of anything else more exciting to talk about first than Nia finally making it to the top of the pyramid. After a season and half of watching this sweet girl quietly take criticism it actually made me a little teary when the girls screamed in excitement when Abby revealed her picture. This is true sportsmanship - no one is yelling at anyone else because they aren't on top this week, and not one of the girls throws a tantrum about why they are better than Nia. The Dance Moms can take a lesson from these youngsters about being happy for someone else for a change.

Dancing Down the Aisle

The studio has wedding fever this week as the girls prepare a bridal themed dance, Abby tries to expose Melissa's engagement secret and the moms do a little wedding dress browsing. The dance dads are even invited to the competition this time to watch their little girls all dressed in white. However, Melissa is being strangely secretive about her whole engagement situation perhaps because her first husband may not know about her pending nuptials. Well, I guess he knows now! One thing is for sure - we get WAY too much information about Melissa's nether regions when the other moms start divulging some of her secrets. This is a hilarious must-see moment.

Cathy Gets Another Apple

Just when you think this could be an uplifting episode with excitement about Nia and a wedding themed dance, the outrageous drama is brought to us once again courtesy of Jill. After an explosive exit from Abby Lee Dance Company, Jill takes Kendall to the sworn enemy - Candy Apples. I really wish I could have been behind the scenes for this one because I bet Cathy just cackled at the thought of revenge when given the opportunity to snatch up one of Abby's dancers. And the worst part? Kendall has to go head-to-head with Nia in the solo competition. My heart broke a little for Holly who had to watch her daughter lose to a former teammate. As for now, it looks like Jill has made a new home for herself among the other bad apples and although Kendall doesn't deserve it, Jill certainly fits right in with the likes of Cathy. I wonder what Abby is going to do with that ridiculous bench Jill gave her.

Next week it looks like Cathy is going to solicit another one of Abby's dancers for some media exposure, and despite what the previews suggest, I can't imagine Christi helping Cathy with anything. Other things to look forward to are the Dance Moms' reactions when Abby tries to put their daughters in nude show-girl costumes. A little inappropriate, no? Then again, Abby knows best. What do you think of tonight's episode? Do you think Jill will stay with the Candy Apples? Did Nia deserve to win her solo competition? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV every Tuesday for your Dance Moms commentary!

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