'Dance Moms' Recap: Strippers, Showgirls and Beef Jerky
'Dance Moms' Recap: Strippers, Showgirls and Beef Jerky
This week is action-packed, with a jaw-dropping Vegas showgirl-inspired routine, a personally ordered male stripper and a dance featuring beef jerky. Intrigued? Who wouldn't be? Let's dive into this week's Dance Moms.

A Fan-Tastic Routine

Tweens and nude showgirls aren't something that I would typically associate with one another, but leave it to Abby Lee to defy expectations when she choreographs a dance complete with giant feathered fans to cover to the girls' bodies. Yet again her theme is questionable and despite all of the Dance Moms' drama, it crosses the line into inappropriate. It's a good thing the girls' fathers weren't invited to this week's competition because I am fairly certain they would have had some objections to the choice in costume. Even the judges looked uncomfortable when watching these underage showgirls and it was reflected in their loss at the "Fire and Ice" competition.

Jerky Dancing

It's hard not to laugh and feel bad at the same time for Chloe when she has to wear a unitard decorated with beef jerky in a commercial for Cathy's husband. Then again, her mom did get her into this mess. We could discuss the oddity that Cathy's husband owns a beef jerky store and is using young female dancers to promote dried meat ... but I digress. I'm shocked that Christi agreed to put Chloe in the commercial or even associate with Cathy after their last public spat. There is no doubt in my mind that Cathy got a little feeling of satisfaction when putting one of Abby's star dancers in a hideous smelly meat costume. Poor girl, Chloe goes from meat suit to a nude showgirl.

Turning Up the Heat

The Dance Moms plan a surprise engagement/bachelorette party for Melissa (who still has not announced her obvious engagement), and they decide the best way to celebrate is to hire a stripper for the conservative mom. Okay, so maybe the stripper wasn't the best idea for Melissa, but it sure entertained Abby Lee. This has to be one of my favorite moments in Dance Moms history because I never thought I'd see Abby Lee get so excited about a lap dance. Maybe if she got more of these on a regular basis she wouldn't be so uptight in the dance studio.

What is your favorite moment from tonight's episode? Do you think the girls' costumes were inappropriate? Why hasn't Melissa fessed up to her engagement? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV every Tuesday for your Dance Moms recaps!

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