'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby's Angels, Full Throttle
'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby's Angels, Full Throttle
The Dance Moms are up in arms this week when Abby has the girls channel their inner Charlie's angels when performing a dance equipped with faux guns. I have to say, I think the dance moms have a point this week when they initially object to their daughters using weapons as props and their outrageous outbursts might actually have some merit. However, I know that in the world of dance Abby thinks she knows best, so grab those guns and put 'em up girls!

Did anyone else notice Abby looked a little too happy waving around those guns in the dressing room? Abby with guns ... now that's a scary thought. She is a bit more out of control than usual this week, and her little motto of "second place is the first loser on stage" is way too harsh for my taste. Besides her usual criticism, she really lays it on Maddie, Chloe and Paige when they can't remember parts of their trio. After watching over a season of Abby's tough love, I was actually shocked at how little she would let up on these girls. She reaches a new low when she forces Kendall to sit on the floor and administer the music for the trio for over an hour, and despite how much I dislike Jill, I don't blame her for being upset that her daughter is playing DJ for the other girls.

While we are on the topic of Jill, I have to say she is really making it hard to like her even a little bit. I mean, I dislike all of the moms at one point or another, but I also see snippets of redeeming qualities in various episodes. However, at this point I would have to say Jill has remained my least favorite dance mom since she joined the group. I just don't get her -- She flips out on Abby and all the other moms at every practice and competition, but then turns around and buys Abby gifts, massages and a bench dedicated to herself and Kendall. And really, can we talk about the bench? That is beyond brown nosing and strange. What will it be next? Will she plant a tree outside?

In other Dance Moms news, after Maddie's dramatic fall last week, I know we have all been waiting anxiously to see the fate of Abby's favorite dancer. Although she seems to be fully recovered, in a huge shocker Abby puts her on the bottom of the pyramid! I'm fairly certain this has never happened in either season, but Maddie handles it like a champ. The moms need to take some notes from their eight and nine year old daughters about how to handle disappointment. Not surprisingly, she comes out on top again this week in the competition and I'm sure we will see her near or at the top of the pyramid next week. I do feel bad for Chloe though who did amazing at the competition and still came in second. Don't worry, I'm sure Christi will have plenty to say about it next week.

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What do you think of tonight's episode? Do you think it's appropriate for the girls to be using fake guns in their dance? Did Maddie deserve to be at the bottom of the pyramid this week? Who will be at the top of the pyramid next week? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV every Tuesday for your daily Dance Moms feedback!

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