Luke Verge Wins 'Bromance'
Luke Verge Wins 'Bromance'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Luke Verge has earned the ultimate bragging rights on MTV's Bromance as he was named winner of competitive reality series last night.  The self-described party animal was one of the nine guys that competed for Brody Jenner's friendship, as well as keys to a luxury downtown L.A. bachelor pad and a brand-new Toyota Scion, in the six-episode series.

In the final episode of Bromance, the competition was still tight between Chris, Femi and Luke but the arrival of Brody's mom Linda made it even more difficult.  The boys had to vacuum, wash dishes and even mop the sink after Brody instructed them to make the Bro Mansion spotless in preparation for his mom, who had set up a lie detector test for the remaining hopefuls.
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First up was Luke, who managed to answer Linda's questions respectfully.  Femi went next and also managed to do OK with the lie detector test.  Unfortunately, Linda was not impressed when it was Chris's turn.  As a result, Chris was sent home.

To narrow down the competition, Brody went to Femi's hometown in Jacksonville, FL first to meet his family.  It didn't turn out as expected given that Femi ditched Brody upon running into his ex-girlfriend and Brody wasn't happy about it.  On the other hand, Brody felt right at home in Luke's Boston house where he was welcomed by Luke's parents with hugs and tons of food.  But after drawing too much attention at Luke's favorite hang-out spot, where some folks teased Brody about some of the controversies surrounding The Hills, Luke wasn't able to step in to defend him.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Luke and Femi were given one last chance to defend themselves against each other.  By the end of the episode, Luke and Femi were dropped off separately at an unknown location.  Femi found himself in a garage, while Luke found himself at an empty hallway leading to a party where Brody reveals that Luke has won Bromance.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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