'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik: I Had No Idea Monica and Blakeley Were Getting So Cozy
'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik: I Had No Idea Monica and Blakeley Were Getting So Cozy
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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In support of the start of his Bachelor season on Monday, Ben Flajnik has been making the media rounds this week, and yesterday he stopped by Access Hollywood to discuss highlights from the premiere.

"Granny was a sweetheart," Ben said of Sheryl, contestant Brittney's grandmother who tagged along to tell Ben how much she adored him and wanted him as a grandson-in-law. "I like older women," he joked. Sounds like Brittney's plan may indeed have backfired: She didn't make as much of an impression as her grandma did.

PhD student Emily made a good impression when she rapped her feelings to Ben -- which must be why she'll be doing it again later this season. Ben teased, "You'll see a little bit more of that."

And what about Lindzi, the equestrian who earned the First Impression Rose after arriving on her mighty steed? "Her demeanor" helped her earn the rose, Ben said. "She had this smile, really happy and everything. Every time I spoke to her that first night, it kind of lifted my spirits."

Then it was time to discuss the dirty drama during the cocktail party that Ben didn't know about (or so he says). Ben says he didn't know a thing about Monica and Blakeley's super-cozy pillow talk on that romantic outdoor lounger. "I had no idea. I talked to Monica later, and obviously she got the rose so I had spent more time with her, and I had no idea that she was ..." Was what, Ben?

Watch the video of the interview for more hints and quips from Ben -- and to be thankful that lecherous Billy Bush isn't the Bachelor. Yuck.

Watch deleted scenes and a sneak peek at next week's Bachelor episode here.

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