'X Factor' Roundup: Cheryl Cole's Lawsuit and Possible Return, Plus Tension Among Judges
'X Factor' Roundup: Cheryl Cole's Lawsuit and Possible Return, Plus Tension Among Judges
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Cheryl Cole may no longer be on The X Factor but she still has unresolved issues with the company behind it. The singer recently filed a lawsuit against the show, claiming that producers owe her $2.3 million.

According to E! News, Cole, who left the U.K version of The X Factor to be a  judge on the U.S. version only to be fired, argues that a  "'pay or play' clause in her contract entitles her to the $2 million she was promised for the show's second season, as well as various allowances she was given for hotels, stylists, wardrobe and other show-related expenses that she never got to use."

X Factor producer FremantleMedia North America has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

Ironically, Cheryl Cole's legal action has fueled rumors of her return to the judging panel of The X Factor. Cole's manager Will.i.am has teased about her return, saying, "It's going to be dope."

An insider also told the Daily Mirror, "Cheryl is coming back on TV in 2013 and will be working with Simon."    

In other news, there have been rumors that Britney Spears has been shunning fellow judge Demi Lovato as well as co-host Khloe Kardashian, leading to some backstage drama. According to the National Ledger, creative director Brian Friedman didn't confirm nor deny the rumors but he did say that having tension off camera is not out of the ordinary. 

"It's definitely a high-tension work environment, that's for sure," Friedman said. "There's never a dull day, I can give you that much."

"There is a lot to take in, for sure, and that doesn't even include the personalities that are around a show like this," he added. "Everyone wants to win, so you see their attack mode come into play. You're dealing with egos. It's definitely a people position having to navigate through all the different personalities who are on the show. It's not easy at all times, but it helps me learn how to have patience."

What do you think of Cheryl Cole's lawsuit? Can you feel the tension among the judges of The X Factor?

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