'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Week 4 Elimination: Bye-Bye Bristol
'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Week 4 Elimination: Bye-Bye Bristol
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Would it be in bad form for the author of a supposedly unbiased article to cheer about an elimination? Because I kind of want to. Nothing against Bristol Palin as a person, but her elimination from Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars in week 4 was so well-deserved that I can't help but be happy.

So... Yay!

But why did Bristol go? Considering her history of staying power, it's a valid question.

It Was Past Time

Considering all of the rather talented dancers who had to be eliminated before Bristol could go, it was definitely time for the pairing of Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas to leave the dance floor. Sure, Pamela Anderson's elimination deserved to happen first. But Joey Fatone? Helio Castroneves? Drew Lachey?

It's pretty hard to argue that Bristol danced better than they did. And it's definitely hard to argue that Bristol is better than most of those left in the competition.

Bristol Had a Bad Night

Week 4 was not the best for Bristol Palin. Lord knows what that bunny-suited dance was that Mark originally wanted, but what we saw was a poor substitute for anything DWTS-worthy. It was cute. It was well-danced. But it was super-easy. Even non-dancers like me could tell that by watching it. In a week when we saw stunning performances from the competition, a cute little dance doesn't cut it.

Viewers Forgive Mistakes

Apolo and Karina almost went home. That's obvious. But it would seem that enough viewers were willing to forgive Karina's slip (and subsequent tears). This is very fair, especially when you consider that Apolo actually gave an excellent performance -- with little help from his professional partner.

Too Much Negativity

That fight between Bristol and Mark last week did not reflect well on Bristol Palin. Fights never do help the one who seems to have started it. Add in Bristol's complaints about her dance this week, and viewers were just not interested.

Judges? What Judges?
Yes, the judges praised Bristol's dance on Monday night. I have no idea why. Apparently, many viewers shared this opinion.

Political People Had Other Stuff to Do

It has long been theorized -- in the comments sections of BuddyTV articles anyway -- that Bristol Palin's success on Dancing with the Stars is largely motivated by politics. Considering that her mother is a rather well-known political personage, this theory may have merit.

And the political people were busy last night. In case you were too busy watching dancing and stuff to notice, there was this presidential debate going on. The preparation for that may have taken precedence over a former VP candidate's daughter dancing the night before.

Was Bristol the right dancer to go home? Did you want her to stay? Why do you think she was eliminated? Leave your comments below!

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