'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Preview Guide: Going Out Big
'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Preview Guide: Going Out Big
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Last season on Breaking Bad, Jesse and Walter put their differences aside in order to murder Gus with the help of former cartel enforcer Hector Salamanca, who used a suicide bomb to kill Gus, his henchman and himself. Jesse and Walter also destroyed the meth lab though the final scene of season 4 implies that Walter was the one who used Lily of the Valley to poison Andrea's son Brock. What's next for Walter? And what will happen if and when Jesse finds out that Walter has betrayed him yet again? These questions will be answered when Breaking Bad returns for its fifth and final season this summer.

What to Expect from Breaking Bad Season 5:

Breaking Bad season 5, which will consist of 16 episodes and will be divided into two batches with eight episodes each, will follow the same path as the previous seasons as far as Walter's character development goes. According to series creator Vince Gilligan, Walter is "getting worse by the minute" so viewers can expect Walter to go down further on his already dark road.

Gilligan also tells TV Line that the death of Gus last season "leaves a big void" for the final season of Breaking Bad but hopefully, Walter plus several new characters will make up for it. One of the new faces the show is brining in is the character Paul, who according to Eonline.com, is a "working-class" guy who is the same age as Jesse only smarter. It is also hinted that there's more to Paul than meets the eye.

As for our main character Walter, Bryan Cranston appears to have a theory on where his character will end up by the end of the show.  "I don't know where it's going, but I'm pretty damn sure that he'll die at the end of this show," he said in an interview with Jeanne Wolf in 2010. "At the end of this show, Walter White will die.How he will he die? I really, honestly don't know - and I've never asked [Vince Gilligan]." 

In a another interview, Cranston also talked to TV Line about the possible fate of his character. "It's been such a journey for me and for this character that it didn't make sense for me to know too far ahead, because Walt has no idea what's ahead for him, even an hour. So I don't ask [Gilligan], and I don't read my scripts too far in advance," he said. "I think Walt's going to a place where he truly enjoys the empowerment that his situation has given him. And even though he knows he's going out in a year, from lung cancer, he's going to go out big. He's going out big."

One thing is for sure, though. Aaron Paul teases that the finale "does involve a death, and possible deaths." Do you think Walter will succumb to lung cancer? Or will he die at the hands of an enemy? Perhaps Jesse? 

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