Watch Women Who Want to Kill Each Other on the Awesome 'Mob Wives'
Move over, Real Housewives of New Jersey, the Mob Wives are legit. Because this show is awesome, and because I don't want anybody to put a hit on me, I'm giving Mob Wives my endorsement. The main difference between RHONJ and Mob Wives, aside from entertainment value, is that these bitches WILL POP YOU. I seriously think someone might die by the end of this series.

Mob Wives follows four Staten Island women who MAY OR MAY NOT be associated with the mob. Renee is the daughter of a famous mob boss, who is now in jail, Karen is the daughter of "Sammy the Bull," a man who was in the mob who ratted out a bunch of guys. Renee and Karen used to get along, but now they are sworn enemies. Karen was living in Arizona to protect herself and her family but Staten Island was calling so OF COURSE she's going back in the first episode.

The other two Wives are Drita and Carla. Drita is very open about how she will willingly take someone's teeth out and scratch at their eyes with her new manicure if need be. She is married to a guy who's in jail and may be connected to the mob (of course). Carla has a soon-to-be-ex-husband in jail for stock fraud, and is now raising the kids on her own. Carla is my favorite because we have the same name, and she scares me the least.

In the season premiere, Carla is throwing a birthday party and Karen is returning to Staten Island so OF COURSE there's already a throwdown at this party. I'll let you watch what happens in this clip. All you need to know is that Karen is back, and Renee is the big scary one who looks the least happy to see her:

My favorite part is when Drita offers Renee a shot, and Renee says, "'Shot's a bad f***ing word for you!" meaning that Renee wants to put a bullet in someone's head. I seriously think someone might die, you guys!

I think the big takeaway from this whole confrontation is that YOU DO NOT PUT A FINGER IN RENEE GRAZIANO'S FACE! Watch the "supertrailer" here, and just look at all the fur coats!

Oh my GOD. I'm so watching this show. It airs Sundays on VH1. Do it or one of them will find you and put a hit on you (allegedly).

(Image and videos courtesy of VH1)