BravOMG: What is Going On?!
This week in Bravo programming, there were a few moments when I realized I had NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON. In a good way, of course. The best example of this came from The Millionaire Matchmaker finale. Stacy, one of Patti's many nemeses, came back asking for another chance. Her last date didn't go well and made her look crazy, and this one turned out pretty much the same way.

Here's how the date started, with Stacy showing her date this weird B-grade video she made called, "The Lingerie Script."

WHAT IS GOING ON! She's popping out of giant tires, drinking, separating egg whites, and then all of a sudden she's in her lingerie. Gross! But I live for it. More importantly, she thought her date, Eben, was really into it! Stacy has certain ... angles that don't work for her. It also creeped me out when she said "scratches the surface" and did that thing with her claws hands. And what IS "The Lingerie Script" even?! Keep 'em coming, Stacy!

Two other things I loved but had no idea what was going on: Simon Doonan's appearance on The Fashion Show and Sunday night's entire episode of Watch What Happens Live featuring Regina King and Jackee Harry.

I suspect that some people who live in the world of fashion are a little disconnected, so it makes them seem weird. Simon Doonan is probably no exception. I loved/failed to understand the way Simon Doonan presented the designers with their accessories:

"bon apetite," "think Audrey Hepburn goes to Woodstock," "When was the last time you saw stuff like this, darling?" "how groovy is that?" "I'm sending you to the carnival of eccentricity!"
Well, I guess the challenge is about eccentricity ...

Finally, here are some of Jackee's best loudest moments from her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. And I thought Patti Labelle didn't make sense on that show!


(image and video courtesy of Bravo)