BravOMG: Phaedra Not as Weird as We Thought and The Dinner Party From Hell
I'm so glad that Bravo is still giving us new episodes while a lot of the other networks are just airing reruns (and Christmas-themed game shows, of course). To me, the biggest things this week were Phaedra and Apollo's appearance on Watch What Happens Live and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' "Dinner Party From Hell."

What shocked me the most about Phaedra and Apollo was that they didn't seem as looney as I expected. Phaedra seemed very self-aware and able to laugh at herself, and Apollo was actually pretty funny. Here is the surprisingly sweet story of how they met:

In interviews before, a lot of the Atlanta Housewives have said that Phaedra is really cool in person. She's still a little weird, but not crazy like I thought. They brought Andy "classy canned foods" as a joke!

The Dinner Party From Hell was an amazing, dramatic episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the response has been huge. In this interview with, Kyle talks about the dinner  party and watching it back on TV.  I would also recommend reading this recap of the episode on Gawker, if you have the time. It's so perfect and hilarious, and encapsulates exactly what I don't like about Camille.

Finally, Andy Cohen is doing a New Year's Eve Wig Drop to ring in the new year at the Bravo Clubhouse! I wish I could go, or even watch! I'd fill up my Mazel mug with hard cider and celebrate! Here are some Bravolebrities' New Years Resolutions, the best ones are Rebecca Romijn's and Tabatha Coffey's. Rocco DiSpirito is still a douche, but I love his cookbooks!

(image and videos courtesy of Bravo)