'Project Runway' Recap: Fly Away to Fashion Week
'Project Runway' Recap: Fly Away to Fashion Week
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's here! The final runway before three (or four?) designers will get to show off their collections at New York Fashion Week. And this is the challenge that will determine who gets a spot and who is out.

Bringing Home a Baby Butterfly

The designers meet Tim and Billy B., the L'oreal makeup consultant, at the Sweet Briar nature center in Long Island. There's a butterfly sanctuary there and Tim tells them they are to find inspiration there for their next challenge.

The challenge is for the designers to create an avant-garde look that also includes a cutting edge makeup look. They will also be judged on how their makeup is incorporated into their design, so brace yourself: an entire episode of L'oreal product placement is coming.

The scene at the butterfly sanctuary is pretty darling. Justin relates to the albino butterfly because he thinks it's an outsider like he is as a deaf and gay man. And then a butterfly lands on his fashion hat and the world explodes from the cute.

Alexandria likes the dark butterfly who only lives one week. She wants to create something sad and emotional to represent it. Helen is inspired by all butterflies because she loves butterflies like Timothy loved unicorns. Dom just wants to use every print ever made and Bradon thinks he should spend all of his time looking at the butterflies instead of sketching.

Spread Those Wings

In the work room everyone is feeling the pressure that comes with knowing that their fate will be decided in such short time. But Helen is the only one who breaks down (so what else is new). When Tim gives her hood cloak a bad critique and says her monarch orange and black are too Halloween, she starts crying. Tim tells her to snap out of it and keep working. Tim is so good at tough love. And nice love. He is a man of many types of love.

Bradon doesn't know what his silhouette is going to be at first so he just starts rolling silk "noodles" to give the garment some movement and bounce. He eventually decides to make something that looks like a cocktail dress in the front and a gown in the back. At first Tim isn't sold on the noodles until he creatively places them at the waist.

Both Justin and Alexandria are working in all black. Alexandria's looks like a gauzy black mummy with silk pieces wrapped all around it and Justin has two pieces that look very elaborate and sophisticated.

Dom wants to take this opportunity to mix all of the prints! She's working on a jumpsuit in one print and a big puffy dress/skirt in another print to go on top of it.

Make It Re-Work

On the day of their runway show, the designers come into the work room to see all of the losing looks displayed on mannequins in the work room. Tim tells them that they have another challenge this week: to choose one of the losing looks and transform it into a winning look.

Dom is first to pick because she won last challenge and she goes for Jeremy's look from the Modern Southern Woman challenge. She wants to maintain the integrity of the jacket and use the print as sleeves with some black piping.

Bradon picks Sue's Unconventional Challenge look which is made of place mats. He keeps the same asymmetry but adds some peplum and leather to make it look expensive and chic.

Helen is working with the look that Kate was eliminated for in the HP Print Innovators challenge last week. She plans on making something sleek and simple to make it more modern.

Alexandria picks Miranda's look from the Shoe challenge. She wants to make a punk-rock look focusing on a re-purpose of the pants.

And Justin makes the emotional decision to re-work the dress that eliminated him after the Glamping challenge. It's hard for him to re-live the traumatic experience, but he wants to take the opportunity to show the judges that he deserves to be here. He's making a more simple black dress with panels on the bodice.

Fly Down the Runway

The judges for the last runway challenge are our old faves Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and Heidi are joined by actress and singer Emmy Rossum. The designers looked at all of the looks tonight and are genuinely impressed by the entire runway show.

Dom- The judges are absolutely in love with her mixed print avant-garde look. Nina loves the volume and Emmy and Heidi want to wear the jacket home. They also appreciate how she re-worked the print on Jeremy's old look. Zac says he really sees and appreciates her brand.

Alexandria- The judges are split on Alexandria's looks. Heidi likes her mummy-couture look, but Zac says it looks messy and flat. Heidi hates the punk rock look, but Nina likes the pants on it and thinks the vest is very creative.

Bradon- The judges are stunned by Bradon's butterfly-inspired dress. Nina says it's a work of art that is phenomenal at every angle. Zac says that he can see Lady Gaga wearing it and loves that he really took risks. They also think his re-worked look is chic and expensive-looking.

Justin- The judges think his avante-garde look is very dramatic and well executed. And they all commend his bravery in selecting his own piece to re-work and think he did a good job making a new look.

Helen- Her avant-garde piece is not a huge hit with the judges. Zac appreciates the work it took for her to create the textile of torn chiffon, but it weighs her model down. They do like her styling and makeup though, and appreciate the clean silhouette of her second look.

Heidi asks every one of the designers to plead their case about why they should go on to Fashion Week and to name two designers they would take with them. Everyone else picks Dom to take with them but no one wants to take Alexandria. So sad.

The judges deem Bradon the winner of the challenge and make him the first to go to Fashion Week. Then it's Dom who gets the next slot.

Because they couldn't decide on who to eliminate off of the work that they had done for these two challenges, or their portfolio over the last 11 weeks, Heidi tells Justin, Alexandria and Helen that they will all create collections to compete with each other for the final spot at Fashion Week. It is kind of irritating that they couldn't make a decision on who to eliminate because it is a competition-based reality show and getting rid of people is how you get things done. But this does mean more at-home visits with Tim Gunn, so I suppose that's a silver lining.

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