Boston Legal: Preview of "Kill Baby, Kill"
Boston Legal: Preview of "Kill Baby, Kill"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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As the spin-off of The Practice nears its December 8 series finale, the Emmy-winning writer-producer of Boston Legal David Kelley is said to find himself without a television series for the first time in two decades.  For the fans of the legal dramedy who are dreading to see its five-season run come to a close, NBC recently scooped up a script by Kelley for a possible Fall 2009 premiere.  The script is reportedly about an aging lawyer who works with his adult daughter at a Chicago firm.  The premise sounds pretty bland at this point, but additional developments should be in the offing.

“It'll feature a cauldron of eccentric characters,” Kelley tells Entertainment Weekly.  “It's much more of a comedy than some of my other shows. Some of the [touches] will remind you of Boston Legal and Ally McBeal, but it won't be an issue- or case-driven show.  It's about the comedic relationship.”
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Meanwhile, asked about the Boston Legal finale, Kelley said it never occurred to him that they'll reach beyond a couple of seasons with Boston Legal.  When asked if rule-breaker Alan Shore, played by James Spader, finally lose his job, he gave a very cryptic “yes and no” answer.  “This one feels like a finale,” Kelley promises.  “There are no nuclear devices that blow up—but if executed properly, this one could be my favorite. It will be satisfying.”

On the last episode of Boston Legal, Alan causes a stir at Crane, Poole, & Schmidt when he represented a 15-year-old who was targeting for an injunction to get an abortion.  Meanwhile, new partner Jerry got into a fight at a coffee store when an obnoxious customer called him a “demento.”

Tonight on Boston Legal, Crane, Poole & Schmidt gets into election fever (rather belatedly) as Alan and Shirley need to work together as they represent a woman Martha Headly (played by guest star Cheri Oteri) who was fired for voting for GOP bet John McCain.  Meanwhile, Denny Crane and Carl Sack fly to Virginia to defend a corrections officer who shot a death row inmate out of mercy after his execution went awry.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Entertainment Weekly, ABC
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