Boston Legal: Preview of Episode 5.10 "Thanksgiving"
Boston Legal: Preview of Episode 5.10 "Thanksgiving"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Last Monday on Boston Legal, Cheri Oteri guest starred as Martha Headly in an episode that saw her as the client of Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt after she got fired from her job for voting for John McCain for President.  This week, it's all about holiday disasters as old faces return for the episode called “Thanksgiving.”

Read on to find out what's in store for tonight's Boston Legal episode.
Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

In the 10th episode of the season, Shirley plans an intimate Thanksgiving get-together with Carl. Unfortunately, it turns into a dysfunctional family affair after she invites Alan Shore, Denny Crane, Jerry Espenson and Katie Lloyd, as well as emotionally unstable law partner Edwin Poole and his 6-year-old foster son, who tried to mug her, to join them in the feast.

Boston Legal stars stars James Spader as Alan Shore, John Larroquette as Carl Sack, Christian Clemenson as Jerry Espenson, Tara Summers as Katie Lloyd, with Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt and William Shatner as Denny Crane.

Joining the main ensemble for tonight's episode are Larry Miller as Edwin Poole, Christopher Rich as Attorney Melvin Palmer and Kwesi as Justin Turnip' Graves.  Miller, who is credited for his roles on Monk, 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter, and Dilbert, has made only three appearances on the show so far since 2004.  However, his character is one of the three named partners of Crane, Poole & Schmidt law firm the show centers around.

Rich, on the other hand, has appeared on every season in at least one episode of Boston Legal since 2005.

"Thanksgiving" was written by series creator David E. Kelley and directed by Mike Listo, whose credits include Ally McBeal, Boston Public, and Monk.

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-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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