'Bored to Death' Season 3 Preview Guide: An All-New Ride Altogether
'Bored to Death' Season 3 Preview Guide: An All-New Ride Altogether
Last season on Bored to Death, Jonathan realized that being a private eye kept him busier than his writing career, while his friends got even busier than he did. Ray got famous for his Super Ray comics, then he met up with Kevin Bacon to discuss film rights. Things went well until he was stabbed by his stalker with an X-Acto knife at Comic-Con. 

Meanwhile, George found out that he had prostate cancer, then he later found out he didn't really. But he quit his job at Edition NY after his column got canceled and soon lost his doctor girlfriend.

None of us are sure how Bored to Death season 3 will turn out, but we're hoping for something new. Luckily, the promos say we'll get just that.

What to Expect on Bored to Death season 3:

With George unemployed and Ray looking for adventure, it sounds like Jonathan won't be working alone. It's likely that the three of them will be taking on more detective duties this time around. 

If you haven't seen the HBO promo poster for Bored to Death season 3, here it is on Yahoo TV. It features the guys on a red scooter with the tagline "They're back and riding high." Could mean a lot of things, really, but it's probably more of a nod to them going places. 

It also seems like that's taking its toll on Ray, who looks very concerned in the photo. As compared to Jonathan's determined and fearless façade, he's just plain scared. George, meanwhile, appears to be cancer-free and ready to take on anything.

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As for the guest stars, Zap2it reports two new appearances. Casey Wilson landed a role on the show as an ex-girlfriend of Jonathan's. Meanwhile, Mary Steenburgen will be playing George's vocal coach, for when he joins a production of "Man of La Mancha." But we know that's going to lead to something else, because George just has a way with women.

Too bad he isn't as smooth when it comes to men, because word has it that another rival of his is coming to town. David Rasche has been tapped to play health nut Bernard Morse, who got rich by using his own vision to fix up Silicon Valley.

Alright, enough words. Here's HBO's teaser for Bored to Death. Not much to go on, but it's a fun watch nonetheless.

Don't forget to catch the premiere of Bored to Death season 3 on October 10 at 9pm on HBO. 

(Image courtesy of HBO)