'The Biggest Loser' Season 12 Guide
Last season on The Biggest Loser, a bunch of records were broken -- and I'm not just thinking of Rulon quitting for reasons we still don't know about. Season 11 saw three ladies in the final three, and the same couple in the finale, with opera singer Olivia being named the winner. Oh, and new trainers too, although we won't see Cara and Brett this year. Same goes for Jillian Michaels, who's saying goodbye to the show.

What to Expect on The Biggest Loser Season 12

New people, of course! And I'm not just talking about a new bunch of people who'll head to the Biggest Loser ranch and lose weight -- I'm referring to new trainers. With Jillian leaving, Bob Harper can't do everything alone, and The Biggest Loser season 12 sees two new names enter the fold: Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince.

Surely you know Kournikova, the former tennis star who -- since making her debut at the 1996 US Open, when she was just fifteen -- turned heads because of her beauty. I don't blame you if you know her as the girl Enrique Iglesias was kissing in the music video for "Escape". While she never won a Grand Slam championship as a singles player, she was named the Women's Doubles Champion at the Australian Open in 1999 and 2002, alongside Martina Hingis.

After retiring as a professional player in 2003 -- she still plays several exhibition matches -- Kournikova became an advocate for health and fitness, working with the Boys and Girls Club, and later with Cartoon Network's Move It campaign.

The other new trainer for The Biggest Loser season 12 is a bit more unfamiliar, though. Quince is a renowned fitness trainer based in Atlanta, where his workout studio has been going strong for the past decade. His story is a rags-to-riches one: he, along with his three siblings, came from foster care, and was later adopted by a Jamaican family. Right now he's also a go-to trainer for the stars, including performers such as Janet Jackson and Justin Bieber. (Now there's a way to attract viewers.)

Meanwhile, there's more to look forward to on The Biggest Loser season 12, according to executive producer Todd Lubin, who tells Entertainment Weekly about the show's exciting new twists. In a nutshell, there's the "Battle of the Ages" theme and the second chance marathon.

"The first day, they run a mile, which they've done before, and then [host] Alison Sweeney announces, 'By the way, there's going to be a marathon at the end of this season,' which we've done before. But she says, 'It's not just going to be the final four running it. It's going to be all of you. So no matter when you're eliminated, you'll have a chance to run this marathon at the end. If you win the marathon, you're automatically a finalist on the show.' I don't know how it's going to turn out, but it's certainly exciting for people who do get eliminated, because they know they have a goal to get themselves back in the game," reveals Lubin.

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