What's Your Take on the 'Bones' Spin-Off: Love It or Hate It?
What's Your Take on the 'Bones' Spin-Off: Love It or Hate It?
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Last week, Bones aired "The Finder" episode , the highly anticipated cross-over installment which introduced Walter, Ike and Leo -- also known as the main characters of the potential Bones spin-off. If you haven't seen it, you can read the full recap or watch the full episode here. Those who have seen the episode, however, have given mixed reviews:

Who LOVED it?

Sharon Frank: I liked it and hope it does become a series. True, there wasn't enough Booth and Brennan but otherwise, it was a good episode.

KiMatrix: Interesting characters played by great actors. I would watch it.

Gabecyr2: Will DEFINITELY watch The Finder. Loved the interplay between right brain (interconnectedness of the universe, feeling nakedly into the dead guy's energy, etc) and the left brain analysis of history of charts indicating where the treasure was.

Cam Hedegaard: I loved it!The Finder is hilarious!

Lisa Cataldo-Chiodo: I LOVED the spin-off! Walter, Ike and Leo have great chemistry. I look forward to the series!

Who HATED it?

Philipb: A BAD pilot. I found the show boring, as were the actors. [Hart Hanson] needs to focus on just Bones, since the quality of Bones has gone downhill this year. I can assume it was caused in part by spilling his talents on the pilot and letting Bones become a soap opera.

Susie Goldberg: I was very disappointed. Can't imagine it as a series.

Greenyz003: I felt that Walter's finder powers weren't all that impressive. I liked the characters individually, but together, not really. Too many eccentric characters on one show won't be that interesting to watch. Bones has a middle ground -- I don't think The Finder will.

So how do you feel about The Finder? Will you be watching it again after seeing the pilot episode? And more importantly, do you think it has a chance of getting picked up as a series? Share your sentiments in the comments below!

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