What Have You Learned from 'Bones'?
What Have You Learned from 'Bones'?
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For most fans, Bones isn't just a procedural drama that focuses on a gorgeous crime-fighting duo and a bunch of quirky nerds who work at the Jeffersonian. It's a show that has so much more to offer -- from relationships, love, forensics, scientific trivia to all sorts of life lessons. We asked our Facebook followers what they've learned so far and to get the ball rolling, we posted some of the responses here:

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Rachel Alice Hope Guest: Everything. Most life lessons are from [quotes], and I know a lot about murder thanks to Bones.

Jennifer Gilligan: How to be strong and do not let the walls you put up be too high so you let people who love you in.

Susan Newman: If you find love jump on it before he finds some hot blonde.

Now it's your turn to share what you've learned! What life lesson have you picked up from Bones? And from which character have you learned from the most? 

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