[Videos] 'Bones' Preview: Pelant's Nightmarish Return
[Videos] 'Bones' Preview: Pelant's Nightmarish Return
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Isn't Pelant so 2013? With Bones' return in the new year, we thought the killer who kept alluding Brennan, Booth and their crew would be gone for good.
After all, he is dead. But nope, he's still around, haunting Brennan in her dreams/nightmares. On top of that, there's a new killer on the loose, nicknamed The Ghost Killer, not to be confused with Ghostface Killah, of course.

Here is the official synopsis for Friday's episode, titled "The Ghost in the Killer."

"The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Lana Brewster, a girl whose remains are delivered to Brennan and Booth's home by someone who believes her death 18 years ago was no accident. When the team discovers that Lana was murdered and her death was covered up, people from her past become key suspects, including an ex-boyfriend with whom Hodgins was friends.

"Meanwhile, Brennan starts having dreams again about evil tech genius Pelant, and about a potentially more heinous killer, whom she realizes could be involved with Lana's death."

Check out the following clips to learn more about what's happening. 

Unexpected Delivery

- Brennan receives a set of remains, saying someone took "great care" in packaging it. It's hilarious that an everyday kitchen object like tongs is what she uses to pull back on the cover to reveal the skeleton.

- The package comes with directions: Please find out what really happened to me.

Getting Down to Business

- Angela wonders why Brennan doesn't seem to be at least freaked out that the remains were delivered to her personally.

- The victim has been dead at least a decade.

- Brennan is offended with Clark being brought to the lab by Cam because 10 years doesn't mean the remains are archaeological. Noted.

- The only help Brennan wants from Clark is for the bones to be cleaned. Gotta love her.

Hodgins' Old Friend is a Suspect

- The victim's name is Lana, and she was a sailor.

- Coincidentally, Trent, Hodgins' old friend who turns out to have been her boyfriend around her death, skipped town shortly after. The suspect says he kept the relationship a secret at the time because of court-mandated AA.

- Trent says him skipping town was actually him going to private school in Switzerland.

- Sweets reveals that Trent's father paid off the medical examiner so it wouldn't be revealed that Lana was murdered.

Pelant is Back

- Booth is worried about Brennan, who loses track of time in the lab. She never loses track of time like that while at work.

- Brennan seems to be convinced that there's a link to Pelant with The Ghost Killer, which is why she's been seeing him in her sleep.

- Booth doesn't want Brennan to keep Pelant alive by controlling her feelings and emotions. He says she's obsessed. While that may be true, the look on her face is heartbreaking.

Hodgins' Secret

- Hodgins is working on Lana's death while also secretly helping Brennan with the Ghost Killer.

- Angela reveals Hodgins used to sleep with a binky. Well, who didn't?

Bones airs Fridays at 9pm on FOX.

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