[Videos] 'Bones' Premiere Preview: Booth Wrestles with the Truth
[Videos] 'Bones' Premiere Preview: Booth Wrestles with the Truth
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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It's been a long and somewhat lonely/sad summer picturing our favorite TV couple post-broken engagement by the hands of the villain that just won't go away, Pelant. Since Booth can't reveal the true reason why he cannot marry Brennan, he just comes off as the bad guy until the actual bad guy is caught.

So while we're not completely sure what to expect from tonight's season 9 premiere when it comes to Brennan and Booth, we do know at some point, these two will walk down the aisle. But in the meantime, we're left with a brokenhearted Brennan and a struggling Booth.

Check out four clips from the premiere, titled "The Secrets in the Proposal," where Booth wants to confess, he gets confronted at work, he's in the doghouse and he tries to convince Brennan that everything will be okay.

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Tinfoil-Hat Paranoid

In this first clip, Booth makes a detour before heading into work. He needs a drink -- and to make a confession. Check it out:

Booth turns to his Army pal-turned-priest-turned-bartender to unload his heart and the truth about why he had to lie to the woman he loves. Although the bar is empty, Booth's paranoia is on high alert -- as it should be -- and he asks to go to a place where nothing is glowing or can be transmitted.

Will Booth come clean? Will he figure out what to do?

Saved by the Crime

After the bar, Booth heads to work -- where Caroline and Sweets are waiting for him. And they're none too happy. Not just the fact that he smells of booze, but also with what's been going on lately.

See Booth interacting with Sweets and Caroline:

Booth breaking off his engagement is affecting everyone at work. Since he's miserable, everyone is miserable -- therefore, it's everyone's business.

Just when he might be forced to come up with a logical explanation that will keep Sweets and Caroline off his case, Booth gets a message about a crime scene, and there's a momentary escape. It leads to this zinger from Sweets: "Have you noticed that dead bodies always save Booth from confronting his demons?"

Booth Shows He's Devoted

In this next clip, Booth and Brennan are at the crime scene together -- and she's cold as ice. Take a look:


So not only did Booth suddenly break off his engagement (yeah, he was blackmailed, but still), but he didn't come home last night?! That'll get you in the doghouse. He tries defending himself by saying it's a combination of working his regular hours and then working through the night to catch Pelant. 

It's gut-wrenching to watch Booth tell Brennan, "I'd die for you," while she's crouched down and inspecting evidence. We know it won't be this way forever -- repeat three times: they will get married -- but that doesn't mean that it's still not painful to watch these hard times.

Disrupting the Pattern

In this final clip from the season premiere, Booth and Brennan are talking, but Booth can't say too much.

Booth is being vague and speaking in general terms, which Brennan can't grasp onto. She's about sequences and patterns, while he's a man of faith. This sequence doesn't end well unless something disrupts the pattern, she tells him.

Are you excited for the season premiere of Bones? How long will Booth hide the truth?

Bones season 9 premieres tonight at 8pm on FOX.

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