'Sleepy Hollow' Spoilers: 5 Reasons to Watch the Crossover with 'Bones'
'Sleepy Hollow' Spoilers: 5 Reasons to Watch the Crossover with 'Bones'
Catherine Cabanela
Catherine Cabanela
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
"We have this bubble that we've created within Sleepy Hollow. There's so much supernatural and the unexplained going on around the police procedural aspect of our show ... we don't want to open that door up to the rest of the world." That's what Executive Producer Clifton Campbell told BuddyTV. But isn't that what's exactly what will happen if Bones creeps into Abbie and Crane's world? 

If you are a Sleepy Head, you may be freaking out a bit as the date of the crossover looms, but have no fear, your universe and it's mythology are pretty safe, but, (Holy Headless Horseman!) it is a close call with the Bones muggles poking around and shooting holes in things on Sleepy Hollow. Regardless, let's have some fun with it. Here are five teases from "Dead Men Tell No Tales" to divert your sleepy attention while you wait for the event to roll around.

#1 Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

Everyone is a matchmaker in this crossover event. Okay, not everyone, but the girls have no qualms about trying to move love along an exciting trajectory. In the end, someone chooses to become an escort.

#2 Crane Coyly Insists Upon Being Useful at the Jeffersonian Institute

Crane is subtly and deliciously manipulative while in the Bones universe and it serves him quite well. His tactic is not lost on entomologist Dr. Jack Hodgins, who either admires or despises him for it. Sound familiar?

#3 Jenny and Joe Dig Deeper Into Daddy Corbin's Secrets

The pair continues to delve into the truth about Joe's dad, including how he used Jenny as a means to his own end. Along the way Joe impulsively makes a promise he just might regret later.

#4 Agent Daniel Reynolds Has an Exciting Proposition for Abbie

Reynolds suggests tasking Abbie with new responsibility on the 'force' and her ambitious little self is more than willing, but by the end, it looks like she may be in way over her head already. Big surprise, right?

#5 Crane Freaks Out Over How(e) He Failed Washington

A key character from Crane's past emerges as a result of Pandora's sorcery and all hell breaks loose. Can Crane, Abbie, Joe and Jennie handle the crisis on their own? Not without the crucial missing pieces supplied by Jeffersonian resources. 

Remember to tune in early on Oct. 29 at 8pm for the first half of Sleepy Hollow's crossover event with Bones on FOX.

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