How Should 'Bones' Address Emily Deschanel's Pregnancy?
How Should 'Bones' Address Emily Deschanel's Pregnancy?
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The announcement of Emily Deschanel's pregnancy has certainly become a subject of discussion amongst Bones fans, who have been pondering how it will affect the the forensic drama series. At this point, it's safe to assume that the lead star's pregnancy won't affect the remaining episodes of season 6, so there's no need to worry. But since there is no word on the baby's arrival, it may affect season 7, which looks very promising, even though the it hasn't been picked up by FOX yet. So the question remains ... should art imitate life on Bones? Here's what our readers and Facebook followers have to say about the issue:

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Brandy Martinez: I hope that they put her pregnancy in Bones and that it's Booth's child. She wanted a baby in the past and it got interrupted by Booths' brain tumor, so why not make her pregnant now after all shes pregnant in real life?

Kaari Firor: Write it in. Just do a bigger time jump. We will use our imaginations as to what happens in the mean time.

John Butler: I am torn as it would be interesting to have her pregnant before they get settled in ... but it would be throwing off the timeline of what they have planned for us.

Laura Lee Reitano: A lot of fans might hate me, but I think Hart [Hanson] and his writing staff should go with whatever they had planned to begin with for Season 7. I think it is unnecessary to rush the story line just because Emily is pregnant.

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