How 'Bones' Addressed the Future in 'The Radioactive Panthers in the Party'
How 'Bones' Addressed the Future in 'The Radioactive Panthers in the Party'
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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With Bones nearing its end, "The Radioactive Panthers in the Party" saw pieces falling into place for what's to come for some of the characters. Did Brennan still feel the way she did about her job when she wrote multiple dissertations? What did it mean that Wendell couldn't figure out what to write his dissertation about? What's the future look like for Aubrey at the FBI?

Here are the ways "The Radioactive Panthers in the Party" saw multiple characters looking at their futures.

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Dr. Mayer Revealed She Hung up Her Lab Coat

Bones 1210 Mayer.jpgShe woke up one morning and found the passion was missing, she told Brennan. She moved onto studying prairie dogs with the zoology department. "Sometimes it just takes a new match to get the old flame burning again," she explained after Brennan noted that she seemed happy.

Wendell Struggled When It Came to Writing His Dissertation

He was having problems figuring out what to write about, and it didn't help that Brennan reminded him it was one of the most important decisions of his professional career. What excited him about the field of anthropology, she asked, and when he wasn't sure, but cited her dissertation as an early inspiration, she revealed she had written four others. She had been curious about a variety of topics and couldn't figure out which to focus on. Brennan later suggested he read her unpublished ones to see if they inspired him.

Brennan Sought Advice from Dr. Mayer

"How do you know ... when you've lost your passion for your work?" She asked. "If you're used to that electricity dancing through your veins and suddenly it's not there, you notice," Dr. Mayer explained. "Is it possible to lose your drive and not know?" Dr. Brennan asked. That was when Dr. Mayer suggested a test: "Think about what you do here. Really focus on it. Now, how would you feel if someone took it away?" And that answered Brennan's questions.

Brennan Asked Angela If She Believed in Passion in the Workplace

"How important do you think it is for us to love what we do?" Brennan wondered. "It's important, but it's not everything," Angela told her. "Most people don't love their jobs. They don't even like them. They do them because they have to. ... If you can afford to leave an unfulfilling job, why wouldn't you?" When Angela wondered about her line of questioning, Brennan assured her she was "okay."

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Booth Had Aubrey Take Lead on the Case to Test Him for an Open Spot in the LA Office

Bones 1210 Aubrey.jpgAubrey's going to become a full-fledged Supervisory Special Agent, and Booth messed with him during the case to see if he could grab the bull by its horns and get it done. The LA field office had been inquiring about him, so Booth figured giving him his own case would show he was qualified. And now, they're going to offer him the job.

Brennan Knew What It Would Mean to Her If She Couldn't Do Her Job Anymore

"I couldn't breathe," she told Wendell after asking how he'd feel if he couldn't work at the Jeffersonian anymore. "I was so excited to write my dissertations because I loved what I was doing and I couldn't wait to keep learning."

But Brennan Knew Wendell's Future Wasn't in the Field of Anthropology

He wouldn't stop breathing if he couldn't work there anymore. And Brennan wondered if he hadn't found the right topic for his dissertation yet because it wasn't in the field of anthropology. She wasn't firing him, she told him, "but you should know that you are too smart to waste your life doing something that you heart isn't in." He knew she was right; while he liked his job, it wasn't the same as it was for the others. And he needed to find out what was out there for him. He'd still be part of their family, she assured him, adding, "This is going to be good."

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