Executive Producer Hart Hanson Narrows Down the Marriage Candidates on 'Bones'
Executive Producer Hart Hanson Narrows Down the Marriage Candidates on 'Bones'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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We've heard BuddyTV Fan Columnist Nicole Bessette's take on the possible marriage candidates on the much-talked about Bones wedding in May and now it's time to know what the people behind Bones has to say about the big day. Executive producer Hart Hanson isn't telling which couple will walk down the aisle, but speculations coming from the main man behind Bones and the cast themselves should give you enough hints and clues for the time being.

Booth and Brennan

"It would take a lot to get there, but it's conceivable," Hanson tells TV Guide Magazine.

Bones cast member Tamara Taylor (Camille) also believes it's possible but it will be "in another alternate universe" unless they go undercover in a wedding chapel. But considering how fans rebelled over last season's "dream-sex" storyline, the show isn't likely to play this card again.

Angela and Hodgins

"Angela and Hodgins almost made it down the aisle at the end of the second season. They realized Angela was already married to Berimbau and then broke up," Michaela Conlin (Angela) tells TV Guide Magazine. "Although Wendell is turning out to be more than a roll in the hay, Angela is very in love with Hodgins and will eventually end up with him."

This seems to be the couple that most Bones fans are rooting for. Even Conlin says she'd be "a bit bummed" too if her character ended up marrying Wendell.

Daisy and Sweets

"These two are a hot-and-heavy couple," says Hanson. However, fans should note that this newbie intern is not exactly May sweeps bride material.

Camille and Mystery Man

"Cam will be meeting a love interest this season," says Hanson.

This comes as welcome news to Tamara Taylor, whose character Cam hasn't had a date in years. "It will be interesting to see how ungraceful she is falling in love," Tamara says. "But I don't think I'm the bride."

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