Comic-Con Video: Executive Producer Stephen Nathan Shares 'Bones' Season 8 Spoilers and More
Comic-Con Video: Executive Producer Stephen Nathan Shares 'Bones' Season 8 Spoilers and More
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After taking last year off, Bones returned to Comic-Con with a new show panel. Bones executive producer, Stephen Nathan, spoke to reporters later that day. Check out the video of his interview for Bones season 8 spoilers and more!

WARNING: The video contained within this article includes a few Bones season 8 spoilers. They are pretty tame, but Stephen Nathan does give away a few hints about the upcoming episodes. You probably should run away in fear if spoilers are not your thing. Otherwise, get to it!

This video is about 6 and a 1/2 minutes long -- all Stephen Nathan. Check it out below!

  • Sorry, this video was started slightly late. At the beginning, Stephen Nathan is talking about how the squints at the Jeffersonian will start out Bones season 8 working hard (and within the boundaries of the law) to clear Brennan's name.
  • The Bones season 8 premiere will be kind of dark. As you would expect when the main character is on the run from a murder rap and a serial killer
  • "Crimedy." Good word.
  • Is love enough? That's the question Bones wants to answer in season 8.
  • At least Brennan will be home quickly. Half a season with her on the run would not be good.
  • Pelant won't be gone? That's a bit of a problem.
  • Remember that spoiler way back last winter about an artist-related episode? Apparently it's one of the episodes Bones will add somewhere in season 8.
  • Could Sweets abandon Daisy for another woman?
  • Cam will have a new relationship in season 8. But her choice will be someone we have already seen on Bones. Who could it possibly be? Share your guesses in the comments section below!

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