BuddyTV Video Contest Submissions: Batch One
BuddyTV Video Contest Submissions: Batch One
For those of you that don't know, we here at BuddyTV are running a video contest for the best relationship of 2009. We already gave you our rankings, but we'd like to hear from you. What couple do you think was the best relationship of 2009? And to prove your case, we've asked that people submit fan videos based on their favorite couple of the year.

The contest has been running for several weeks and there are already nearly 50 entries. We've been keeping tabs on the videos and wanted to share our favorites with the community. These are not necessarily the front runners but a handful of the videos that caught our attention. The contest runs for another week and there's still plenty of time to enter. Check out the details and enter as soon as you can. I know I'm a bit upset that there haven't been any Glee submissions yet but I'm hoping for some in the 4th quarter.


Gossip Girl:

Make it or Break it:

Grey's Anatomy:


Private Practice:

What did you think of the videos? Check out all of them here. Any favorites we left out?

And just as a note, some of us haven't even seen these shows but the videos really convinced us of a quality ship. We don't have to know the show for it to have a chance.

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist